Top 10 Saddest Films (in no particular order)


Spoiler alerts!


Saving Private Ryan

From the opening sequence, this is a heartbreaking film. The scene featuring the mother in her Midwestern farmhouse, watching as the army car advances up her long driveway, bringing the priest to deliver the devastating news of the death of her three sons would bring a tear to anyone’s eye. We then follow the epic journey of the men, under the charge of the quietly heroic Captain John Miller, on their unwelcome rescue mission for the remaining Ryan brother, growing to feel a true sense of brotherhood with them along the way. The incredibly moving and emotionally charged final scene, with the much older, surviving James Francis Ryan paying tribute to his fallen brothers in arms was a perfect and deeply moving ending to a wonderful film.

Schindler’s List

I feel there is no need for me to even comment on why this is one of the saddest films you will ever watch. The portrayal of the sheer evil and cruelty of the Nazi regime is expertly depicted, and is even more compelling for it’s being shot in black and white. This brings a gravitas to the film, insofar as it is not mere “entertainment”, it is in fact a documentary of a bleak and tragic period in human history.

The Hurricane

Ah sweet mother of god where do I begin?! I find the true story of the unjust imprisonment of the boxer Ruben Carter for nearly twenty years and his fight for justice heartbreaking. The fact that an innocent man was deprived of his freedom for so many years, with all the loss that is associated with that situation leaves me incredibly sad and angry. The tears I cry at the end of this film are always a mixture of rage and deep sadness.
*it was with genuine sadness that I learned of his recent death today. I’m so glad he did get to enjoy his remaining years as a free man.

The Notebook (obviously!)

Unless you have been living under a rock since 2004, when this Nicholas Sparks book was adapted into a film, the phrase, “you’ve been notebooked” will be familiar to you. The highly melodramatic tale of star crossed lovers Noah and Allie is a very entertaining love story in itself, but it is the accompanying storyline of an old man reading to an old woman in a nursing home that really tests even the hardest of hearts.
If you haven’t watched it yet I will say no more, other than this… Stock up on tissues.

Blue Valentine

The sad tale of Dean and Cindy follows their relationship from the heady falling in love stage to the mundane drudgery of everyday married life. Disappointed and frustrated by Dean’s lack of drive and ambition, Cindy feels trapped in a marriage with a man she sees is not living up to his potential. Their opposing values eventually result in an irreconcilable situation. The reason I chose this film is that I found the portrayal of the demise of their loving relationship very realistic and the ending, with Dean walking away from his house and little girl was moving in it’s simplicity.

The Bridges of Madison County

When I watched this film I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest at one point.
The lonely farmers wife Francesca is left at home while her family visit a state fair when National Geographic photographer Robert drives up and asks her for directions. Over the course of four days, we watch her come out of her shell and the two strangers fall in love. The point when she chooses to remain with her family, despite the boredom and isolation she feels was my breaking point. Her secret love was hers alone until her death, when her adult children discover the journals she kept about the short lived affair. Their realisation of the sacrifices she made for her children is something we all eventually come to realise. Our parents are more than simply our parents, they had their own dreams and hopes and desires, just the way do.

Revolutionary Road

Another film depicting the slow painful death of a marriage. Perhaps it is because I am married and have, as we all do, struggled with a shared life that I find these films so very sad. But Frank and April’s story is particularly hard to watch, because we watch their youthful optimism and ambitions get smothered by everyday life. Attempts to rekindle their abandoned dreams are scuppered by April’s unwelcome pregnancy, which ultimately results in true tragedy. Leonardo’s broken and crumpled face will always stay with me!


If you can sit through the opening montage of Up with dry eyes I would question your humanity! Thank heavens it evolves into a genuinely funny and touching tale about following ones dreams and making beautiful friendships along the way.

The Way We Were

Another breaking up film! I don’t really need to say anything new in this section. It’s the age old girl meets boy, boys leaves, girl and boy reunite, marry, tensions lead to divorce. Oh how badly I wanted them to stay together! But it was not to be.

Aaaaaaaand finally…

The Fox and The Hound

No. Can’t even go there. Just no. Too sad. The end.

I hope you found this list of my personal saddest movies interesting.
I’d love to hear if you agree or disagree with anything on it.

I will start working on a list of my happiest films now because, to be perfectly frank, I’m feeling a bit blue now after that!

I imagehope I haven’t brought you guys and gals down too!

Be happy!



Fantasy lovers

You are in a fantasy life.
You can fall in love with five TV or film characters.
(This is the characters now, not the actors!)
Who would you choose?

Being a crazy fan of the AMC show The Walking Dead, I immediately opted for Daryl Dixon. He’s rough and tough, but a deeper, softer side is hidden beneath the harsh exterior. He is played by the sex god himself, Norman Reedus.
(Author leaves momentarily to take a cold shower…)

But then it occurred to me… hang on! Do I really want to be caught up in a zombie apocalypse? To be in love with a man who is emotionally undeveloped and unavailable? To be physical with a man who must surely reek of sweat and bad breath? I realise now that it is in fact the actor I crave. I guess I’m too fond of basic hygiene to really go there with Daryl! Maybe after the apocalypse when he’s had a shower and brushed his teeth…

Further reflection leads me to discover I am prone to favour the bad boys. In particular the ones who come across as hard and mean, or distant and unavailable, but reveal a softer, more vulnerable side underneath. I guess, cleaner versions of Daryl Dixon.

I’ve also discovered I’m very greedy. I cannot simply choose five from the categories of film and TV.
So I will indulge myself, (hey! This is my fantasy after all), and break this blog into TV characters I’d fall for and film characters I’d fall for.
Don’t get me wrong, when I say fall for, I mean have lots and lots of sex with… The love bit can come later.

So, TV characters I want to bone…

Needless to say Eric Northman, the insanely sexy and evil Viking vampire from True Blood wins number one spot. He has the obvious icy good looks, the height, the body, (oh dear god, the body!). He is cruel, violent, selfish, he’s truly awful. But he is also loyal, capable of tenderness and kindness, funny and protective. Definitely my number one.

Another favourite of mine was in fact another vampire. Buffy the Vampire Slayer gave us the delightfully devilish, but very funny Spike. I could never get why the girls all loved Angel, who, in my humble opinion was as dull as dishwater. Until he morphed back into the evil Angelus of course, and things got interesting for a while…
But Spike, ah sweet, sexy, silly Spike! It came was no surprise to viewers that he was in fact a wimpy little mother’s boy who wrote truly awful poetry before he was turned into a vampire. In the end it was his longtime love for Buffy that was the icing on the cake.
🚫Spoiler alert! He sacrificed himself to save her and the world… Doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Next up is the hottest thing to ever be marooned on a desert island…

James “Sawyer” Ford.

The brooding, violent, but ultimately heroic, anti-hero to the bland and annoying group leader, Dr. Jack Shepard. I could discuss his character development but really, it was all about watching him get his shirt off in as many scenes as possible…

My final two fictional lovers from the world of TV are both doctors.

imageFrom Greys Anatomy I present to you, Dr. Mark Sloane, the manwhore to end all manwhores. Starting out as an insatiable and unrelenting pursuer of women, bedding every female who crossed his path, he ultimately fell completely in love with Lexi and we saw a much more mature side to him. But once again, it was all about the shirtless scenes really… Mc Steamy anyone?

Which brings us finally on to Dr Luka Kovac from the TV classic ER. His dark good looks won me over completely at first, but it was his complicated past that made me truly fall for him. Suffering from PTSD and survivor guilt following the death of his family in the Croatian war, we watched him struggle to form and maintain relationships. His loyalty and passion were his best qualities.

Unfortunately, despite a lengthy internet search I have no shirtless photos of him. My apologies.

Let me know who you would choose and why.
Meanwhile I will get my lustful thinking cap on and be back with my list of five film characters I want to bone, sorry, I mean fall in lurve with…


Life Motto

Be silly
Be honest
Be kind


Words to live by don’t ya think?

I have lived my life more or less according to this quote, which incidentally, I only found last week.

Being Silly comes incredibly naturally to me. It’s kind of my default position. I effortlessly do many, many silly things every singe day. In my opinion, Being Silly is an essential life skill. Life is damn tough a LOT of the time.The world can be a shitty place.People can be total bastards to each other.Being Silly helps me cope. The sheer joy I get from doing a spur of the moment dance routine around the kitchen as my dog and OH watch with bemusement makes all the crappy bits of life easier to bear. Jumping on and freewheeling my trolley down an empty aisle at Tesco makes me happy. If a great song is playing, even better! Why not strut down the aisle “a la” Beyoncé if I feel like it?

Being Honest. If I can guarantee you one thing it’s this… I will tell you the truth. Honestly! If the people who matter in your life cannot be upfront and Honest with you, what’s the point of them being there? It might be difficult to tell someone the truth, but in the long term it’s always better. If I’m not Honest about something, I find it will gnaw away at me until I come clean. Perhaps you think I’m being selfish then, telling truths, even if they are uncomfortable? Maybe I am, but I prefer to live a life that is transparent, one where I do not need to remember lies or cover stories. If the issue I need to be Honest about is hurtful or difficult, I will tell the truth in, what I hope, is a gentle and compassionate way. I tell the person the truth because I respect them enough and care for them enough to take that risk. And I do it as kindly as I can.

Which leads very handily to…

Be Kind. My reasoning here is similar to my Reasons To Be Silly. Kindness makes life so much more pleasurable. It is powerful, insofar as when you are kind, rather than nasty or cruel, you feel better! When you are Kind you make other people happier, which I have always found, makes me happier. I truly worry for people who feel the need to be nasty, scathing or mean to other people. I worry that to carry such bitterness and bile inside they must be unhappy with their lives. On the occasions where I have been less than Kind, I know it came from a place of unhappiness or anger inside me. I might have lashed out those times and in doing so made someone else share my unhappiness, but it has never made me feel better or done anything to lessen my sadness. If anything, I came out of the exchange feeling even worse than before. The wonderful thing about Kindness is it increase happiness al round and usually is contagious. Think about the last time someone showed you Kindness… I bet it was hard to not be kind in return or in the next exchange you had with another person. Let’s make Kindness an epidemic!

In fact, let’s make the three things, Sillyness, Honesty, Kindness our new life mantra!

Go out today, do something gloriously Silly! Laugh and enjoy it.

Go out today, tell the truth! Be fearless and feel strong! Be Honest.

Go out today, do some thing Kind for no reason at all. Smile at a stranger. Pay a compliment.

Let’s go make life Lovely!






I’m still here…

Hey guys and gals!

You know, I started this blog with great intentions. I like to think of myself as a cheerful soul. A somewhat witty and fun person to be around. I wanted to share with you all some of my ideas and thoughts about life from a lighthearted perspective.

I feel I have let you and myself down. Just as I began to post, my life took an unexpected turn which resulted in me feeling pretty damn miserable and downright angry. I have been struggling to regain my sunny disposition, but it’s been a challenge.

I do however feel I am turning a corner. I’m getting closer to letting go of resentment and hurt. I’mimage trying to build that bloody bridge and get over it!

I’m going to take some time. I’m going to start looking at the good, quirky, funny things in life again.

I will be back! Next time I hope with something to bring a smile to your faces.

Don’t give up on me baby!



Running away…

My OH and I walked our dogs this morning. I needed to leave them halfway to run some errands. As I walked away, glancing back to wave goodbye, the thought occurred to me…

What if I just didn’t go back?

What if I went into town, took out as much money as I could from the ATM and just get on a train?

I turned back to wave once last time and found them standing, looking at me and I thought, what if this was their last glimpse of me?

I did come home.

But the thought lingers…



I have no fucking idea what I’m doing…

Morning guys and gals,

I’m totally, completely, deeply and truly bamboozled by the world of blogging, WordPress in particular. I look at blogs other people have on here, with amazing pages and graphics, tabs and links. Then I look at my little white page, with my solitary eye peering out… I want tabs! I want cool design! I want all the bits and bobs you guys have on your pages! But here I sit at my kitchen table, with remnants of scrambled egg beside me, a blogging Luddite!
I’ve searched for help, read stuff I don’t understand at all. I can’t even manage to access my dashboard, let alone change the theme of my page.

All I can hope for is that you guys value content above flashy dashy good looks. For the foreseeable I predict my page will remain basic… No make that minimalistic, that sounds so much better!

As for my day ahead, the sun has actually come out in my normally overcast part of the planet so I shall be painting my patio doors a new colour and trying not to get sunburnt.

I have a few ideas for my next couple of posts, so I will mull them over as I do my karate kid impression with a paint brush (this reference will only make sense if you are a certain age I guess).

Have a wonderful day you guys and gals. I hope the sun is shining on you too.


Ps… I would’ve included new photo if I had a clue how to do it…


Warning! Blog virgin here

Well hello there!

Finally, after years of procrastination, (it’s kind of my thing), I have created my blog. Admittedly, this inaugural post will be fairly dull, as I find my feet, but please do bear with me. I have been known, both in life and on twitter, to make a few people smile, even laugh sometimes.

My goal here is to share with you lucky, lucky people the random thoughts, ideas, fantasies and general,whatnots that bombard my poor exhausted brain all day, every day.

Now don’t fear my lovelies! Do not run away! I promise I will not share every single thing. I think one basket case here is more than enough. Besides, I do need to eat sometimes.

So, thanks for stopping by. Who knows? Next time I might even have something interesting to say!

In the meantime, I will leave you with my question of the day…

is it possible to still be a good person if you have truly baaaaaad thoughts?