Warning! Blog virgin here

Well hello there!

Finally, after years of procrastination, (it’s kind of my thing), I have created my blog. Admittedly, this inaugural post will be fairly dull, as I find my feet, but please do bear with me. I have been known, both in life and on twitter, to make a few people smile, even laugh sometimes.

My goal here is to share with you lucky, lucky people the random thoughts, ideas, fantasies and general,whatnots that bombard my poor exhausted brain all day, every day.

Now don’t fear my lovelies! Do not run away! I promise I will not share every single thing. I think one basket case here is more than enough. Besides, I do need to eat sometimes.

So, thanks for stopping by. Who knows? Next time I might even have something interesting to say!

In the meantime, I will leave you with my question of the day…

is it possible to still be a good person if you have truly baaaaaad thoughts?





8 thoughts on “Warning! Blog virgin here

  1. i shall return – pretty Much in the Same Position as you…. Tumblr totally Aided me In procrastination
    as For the question Of The day…. yeah. i Think so Anyway. depends On the Really Bad thoughts i Guess?

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