I have no fucking idea what I’m doing…

Morning guys and gals,

I’m totally, completely, deeply and truly bamboozled by the world of blogging, WordPress in particular. I look at blogs other people have on here, with amazing pages and graphics, tabs and links. Then I look at my little white page, with my solitary eye peering out… I want tabs! I want cool design! I want all the bits and bobs you guys have on your pages! But here I sit at my kitchen table, with remnants of scrambled egg beside me, a blogging Luddite!
I’ve searched for help, read stuff I don’t understand at all. I can’t even manage to access my dashboard, let alone change the theme of my page.

All I can hope for is that you guys value content above flashy dashy good looks. For the foreseeable I predict my page will remain basic… No make that minimalistic, that sounds so much better!

As for my day ahead, the sun has actually come out in my normally overcast part of the planet so I shall be painting my patio doors a new colour and trying not to get sunburnt.

I have a few ideas for my next couple of posts, so I will mull them over as I do my karate kid impression with a paint brush (this reference will only make sense if you are a certain age I guess).

Have a wonderful day you guys and gals. I hope the sun is shining on you too.


Ps… I would’ve included new photo if I had a clue how to do it…


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