I’m still here…

Hey guys and gals!

You know, I started this blog with great intentions. I like to think of myself as a cheerful soul. A somewhat witty and fun person to be around. I wanted to share with you all some of my ideas and thoughts about life from a lighthearted perspective.

I feel I have let you and myself down. Just as I began to post, my life took an unexpected turn which resulted in me feeling pretty damn miserable and downright angry. I have been struggling to regain my sunny disposition, but it’s been a challenge.

I do however feel I am turning a corner. I’m getting closer to letting go of resentment and hurt. I’mimage trying to build that bloody bridge and get over it!

I’m going to take some time. I’m going to start looking at the good, quirky, funny things in life again.

I will be back! Next time I hope with something to bring a smile to your faces.

Don’t give up on me baby!




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