Fantasy lovers

You are in a fantasy life.
You can fall in love with five TV or film characters.
(This is the characters now, not the actors!)
Who would you choose?

Being a crazy fan of the AMC show The Walking Dead, I immediately opted for Daryl Dixon. He’s rough and tough, but a deeper, softer side is hidden beneath the harsh exterior. He is played by the sex god himself, Norman Reedus.
(Author leaves momentarily to take a cold shower…)

But then it occurred to me… hang on! Do I really want to be caught up in a zombie apocalypse? To be in love with a man who is emotionally undeveloped and unavailable? To be physical with a man who must surely reek of sweat and bad breath? I realise now that it is in fact the actor I crave. I guess I’m too fond of basic hygiene to really go there with Daryl! Maybe after the apocalypse when he’s had a shower and brushed his teeth…

Further reflection leads me to discover I am prone to favour the bad boys. In particular the ones who come across as hard and mean, or distant and unavailable, but reveal a softer, more vulnerable side underneath. I guess, cleaner versions of Daryl Dixon.

I’ve also discovered I’m very greedy. I cannot simply choose five from the categories of film and TV.
So I will indulge myself, (hey! This is my fantasy after all), and break this blog into TV characters I’d fall for and film characters I’d fall for.
Don’t get me wrong, when I say fall for, I mean have lots and lots of sex with… The love bit can come later.

So, TV characters I want to bone…

Needless to say Eric Northman, the insanely sexy and evil Viking vampire from True Blood wins number one spot. He has the obvious icy good looks, the height, the body, (oh dear god, the body!). He is cruel, violent, selfish, he’s truly awful. But he is also loyal, capable of tenderness and kindness, funny and protective. Definitely my number one.

Another favourite of mine was in fact another vampire. Buffy the Vampire Slayer gave us the delightfully devilish, but very funny Spike. I could never get why the girls all loved Angel, who, in my humble opinion was as dull as dishwater. Until he morphed back into the evil Angelus of course, and things got interesting for a while…
But Spike, ah sweet, sexy, silly Spike! It came was no surprise to viewers that he was in fact a wimpy little mother’s boy who wrote truly awful poetry before he was turned into a vampire. In the end it was his longtime love for Buffy that was the icing on the cake.
🚫Spoiler alert! He sacrificed himself to save her and the world… Doesn’t get better than that, does it?

Next up is the hottest thing to ever be marooned on a desert island…

James “Sawyer” Ford.

The brooding, violent, but ultimately heroic, anti-hero to the bland and annoying group leader, Dr. Jack Shepard. I could discuss his character development but really, it was all about watching him get his shirt off in as many scenes as possible…

My final two fictional lovers from the world of TV are both doctors.

imageFrom Greys Anatomy I present to you, Dr. Mark Sloane, the manwhore to end all manwhores. Starting out as an insatiable and unrelenting pursuer of women, bedding every female who crossed his path, he ultimately fell completely in love with Lexi and we saw a much more mature side to him. But once again, it was all about the shirtless scenes really… Mc Steamy anyone?

Which brings us finally on to Dr Luka Kovac from the TV classic ER. His dark good looks won me over completely at first, but it was his complicated past that made me truly fall for him. Suffering from PTSD and survivor guilt following the death of his family in the Croatian war, we watched him struggle to form and maintain relationships. His loyalty and passion were his best qualities.

Unfortunately, despite a lengthy internet search I have no shirtless photos of him. My apologies.

Let me know who you would choose and why.
Meanwhile I will get my lustful thinking cap on and be back with my list of five film characters I want to bone, sorry, I mean fall in lurve with…


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