Being a boy

Swapping gender…

I wonder… if you could inhabit the body of a member of the opposite sex for a day would you take up the opportunity?

If you would, what would you do?

I asked my OH this question and he replied that he would play with the new female body. So far, so typical! I probed deeper, “Well yes, but what ELSE would you do?”, to receive the reply, “What… like four hours later?”

As I say, so far so typical!

I would LOVE to have a mans body for a day!

Specifically, a very attractive, strong, muscular man who knows how to handle himself in any situation. This is because the first thing I would want to do as a man, (after the whole peeing standing up thing has been mastered,obviously), is to get into a fight. I want to know what it feels like to have all that testosterone coursing through my veins, feeling unafraid of confrontation and violence. What does it feel like to embrace one’s rage and and allow the feeling to become physical? To feel so impassioned that the idea of getting hurt is irrelevant? Or even better, to know you have the strength to defend yourself and come out the victor? I don’t want to feel what it is like to hurt another person, it’s the feeling of power and confidence I want to experience. It’s that “feeling over thinking” thing that angry men do so well.

Having asked several males friends about the mysterious realm of public toilet etiquette, I think would very much enjoy choosing the empty urinal directly next to another male, particularly if there are several more suitable ones available. Having sidled up to said victim, I would then gleefully break toilet etiquette rule number two and blatantly stare at my new friends penis. Hopefully he will notice this and eye contact will be established. This is the sublime moment I offer a winning smile, a cheeky wink and a nod of approval whilst glancing back down at his member…

I  think my black eye is now guaranteed.

Of course, it goes without saying, I would want to have sex with a beautiful woman. That’s why I want to be in an attractive mans body, to maximise my chances. I want to pick up a hot chick in a bar and have my way with her. As a woman, I’d like to think I know all the tricks to pull out to make any other woman purr with pleasure, and I long to know what it feels like from the male point of view. I appreciate a beautiful woman as much as the next person and would be very curious to know what they feel and taste like.

Whomever’s male body I inhabit might not be very happy with me the following day.

First of all, he will be sporting that public loo related black eye, at the very least. Then he will have to deal with the fact that I would have used his hot body to have sex with another equally hot man. Of course I would! How could I miss that opportunity? Hell no! Again, as a woman, I appreciate a good looking man, so why on earth would I not want to use my new virile body to seduce one? At least he will be happy I also had the beautiful lady…

I think I’ve covered the basics, peeing, sex, violence…

If anything else occurs to me I will add to this another time.

So now, what would you guys and gals do? Leave me a comment or two!



8 thoughts on “Being a boy

  1. Well to start with I don’t think I’ve been in a fight since High School. Being a male and having testosterone may make your temper shorter in some cases but it doesn’t make you unafraid of confrontation or violence, and I rarely have a feeling of power or confidence, so, ummmm yeah…

    Toilet etiquette is not something that should be trifled with, and I would be appalled if a guy did that to me but it wouldn’t lead to violence, or a black eye. Play your cards right and you could be ramming him in the stalls a few seconds later.

    How could the guy be annoyed you had sex with a man inside his body. Unless you forgot to thoroughly clean yourself afterwards, ignorance is bliss right? Unless while you had control of his body his consciousness was in there as well, fully aware of what was happening, but totally powerless to help, and he had to experience the whole thing? That could be traumatic.

    Btw, there’s very little stopping you from finding out what a woman feels and tastes like without a body switch 😉

    As for what I’d do… I couldn’t take over the females body during TOTM, I have neither the knowledge, skill, or strength of stomach to handle that.

    I’d then try and do everything that women do that guys find mysterious. Things like going to the toilet with a group of females and find out what actually happens in there and why it takes so long.

    I’d probably have sex with a guy and ultimately find out how good I am at faking an orgasm, not something I’ve ever had to do before but from experience something I may be required to do given the situation.

    I’d try and do several things at the same time and see if it’s any easier.

    I’d speed in my car, attempt to get pulled over, then try and seduce the police officer into not giving me a ticket.

    I’d definately wear a skirt / dress… Never experienced that before…

    I’d actually be able to understand other women! So I’d take plenty of notes on what they’re actually thinking half the time so I can refer to these later…

    I’m sure I could think of plenty more if it happened, but that’s the initial list….

    • Brilliant! Thanks for the feedback.
      I was just going on hubs description of being in a fight. Apparently it’s not about thinking, it’s all about feeling and doing.
      I would also love to,know what it feels like to walk around at night without feeling vulnerable. I’m not sure men ever really get how it feels to be alone at night. How hyper aware we are of everything around us. I know violence happens to men too but it’s hard to explain the particular vulnerability a woman feels.
      I love the idea of you seducing the police officer! What if he was gross?!

      And btw, there’s nothing stopping YOU from wearing a skirt or dress without a body switch! If you do I will need pics!

  2. Interesting! I would definitely take the opportunity to swap bodies, but only for a little while, not forever haha.

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