A Cry for Help!

I know no shame.

I am about to throw myself at your mercy and brazenly ask, no beg, that you nominate me as Best Newcomer in the Her.ie Aussie Blog Awards.

It won’t take long, I promise!

Just click the link http://www.her.ie/giveaways/enter-now-nominations-open-for-the-aussie-blog-awards/ and enter kittykatsbitsandbobs and k1kat.wordpress.com

I am brand spanking new to this world of blogging and am loving the entire experience. I love walking into town mulling over new topics to blog about. I get excited about opening up a new Word document to begin working my ideas out. I always get a marvelous rush of adrenaline as I begin to write.

Undoubtedly, the best part of the experience for me is that rare and most coveted occurrence… a Like, Follow, or in my opinion, the best thing ever to happen, a comment is left by a reader. When I get the bing! of a notification from WordPress that someone has liked or commented on my post, my heart soars. I immediately log on to read what has been said or to see who my new reader is.

I am truly grateful and humbled that anyone would take time out their day to read what I write, and even more so for them to reflect on it and leave feedback or their point of view on my topic.

I am neither experienced nor talented enough to find the words to express my honest-to-goodness appreciation for your interest and responsiveness.

I dearly want to be a better, more interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking writer and I believe the prize of hands-on experience at the Her.ie office can only help me improve. Which means that hopefully, you will enjoy reading my blog a bit more too!

Come on guys and gals, its a win-win situation!photo

Once again, thank you for stopping by and thank you in advance of you do take the time   to help me out.

Have I told y’all lately that I love ye?!




7 thoughts on “A Cry for Help!

  1. You are doing something right to have the number of followers you have…
    But I feel your pain 😉 … has been awhile since I’ve rec’d an award nomination. I missed 6 months of blogging d/t lack of computer equipment due to hackers…
    So, I will submit for you! Good Luck! 🙂

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