Can You Help Me?


I decided to create a new page on my blog called F.A.Q.s

However, I have no idea what people might actually like answered!

If you would take the time to perhaps pose a question or two my appreciation would know no bounds!

I cannot guarantee will answer anything and everything but I will do my best.

Keep it clean people!!!!!

Thanks in advance, (that’s how much I trust you will help me!)







2 thoughts on “Can You Help Me?

  1. Hi Katie. One thing about FAQ is, people have different FAQ for different things (be they are sites, softwares, organizations or whatever). While having one in/for a blog is not necessarily a sin (please excuse my expression), most blogs just don’t have it (for usually blogs are not as complex as those aforementioned ‘things’). We use the ‘About’ page instead (telling in brief something about us and/or our blog). And surely people can ask the blogger on that very page as well.

    So, unless you know already what are you going to put there (your would-be FAQ), I suggest remove that ‘coming soon!’ page altogether. Now we bloggers don’t want people to start thinking that our own words don’t really count, do we?

    Good luck. 🙂

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