Caught In The Act

The OH and myself were staying at a particularly posh hotel.

It was the morning of our checkout and, stuffed to the gills with a massive breakfast, we returned to our room to shower and pack up.

As he showered, I dressed and watched some TV.

After a while, it occurred to me that he had been in the bathroom for an extraordinary amount of time.

The door to the bathroom was ajar, so I peeped in to see what was delaying him.

And I saw him…

Head bowed, shoulders hunched, the hotel complimentary robe agape, face fixed in complete focus, there he was, pumping away.

His entire body shuddered with effort as his bicep rapidly flexed. Sweat dripping down his forehead in the still-steamy room, his breathing laboured as he resolutely kept ramming his hand up and down, up and down.

He was not going to stop until he had drained every, single, precious, last drop…                                 from the bathroom shampoo, conditioner and body cream dispensers and into our travel bottles.

Struggling to catch my breath, I doubled over laughing at the sight of the half-naked OH filling bottles with the incredibly expensive luxury brand goodies, the retail price of which I had lamented upon the previous night.

Turning towards me, red-faced, from embarrassment or exertion, I cannot be sure, my big, bearded, manly OH simply shrugged at me and muttered, “but my hair has never felt so soft”…


Have you ever ‘stolen’ from a hotel room?

Do you consider complimentary toiletries fair game, or is it technically still theft?

What is the biggest or worst thing you have ever taken from a hotel room?

Go on… spill!



8 thoughts on “Caught In The Act

    • Really? Interesting… Surely the products are for use while staying at the hotel and not intended to be decanted into travel bottles?! The containers wee fixed to wall for a reason! Mind you, they were amazing products ;p

  1. Definitely take anything that isn’t bolted anywhere I say! I love staying at premier inn as you get free slippers too! Although I was tempted I didn’t take the dressing gown but I might do next time we stay at one lol! When we went to Zanzibar last year the amount of stuff in our bathroom was unbelievable – even down to a little sewing kit! So of course, it all same back with us haha!

    • Hehe! The products were in bottles that were bolted to the walls! But they costa fortune to buy at the spa so I couldn’t blame him for stocking up really! I always take the shower caps and sewing kits too!

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