Doggie Photo App

I am soooooo heading over to look this up! Lily is such a diva for photos. She looks at me beautifully until I get the camera app open and then, nope! She turns away and refuses to pose. Thanks for the heads up… X


Have you seen the new app called “BarkCam?”

Now here is an example of technology at its finest. BarkCam is an iPhone app that, according to a story in the LA Times, “helps people take pictures of mischievous dogs who’d rather frolic around than pose for a picture.”

The Times story goes on to say, “Before the photo is snapped, the app emits one of several sounds that should get a dog’s ears to perk up and pay attention in the right direction. Meows and squeaky toy sounds are other options.”

This sounds great! Max is a master at turning his head just as a photo is snapped. He delights in being photogenic until the moment of truth when he suddenly has to look away, lick his butt or start scratching his ear.

Perhaps they have a sound of a can of dog food being opened, a…

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