Doggy Differences…

A certain fellow frou-frou lover and follower in Honolulu, (Aloha Tom and Max!), has requested more photos and blogs about my two wee fluffy daughters so here goes…

How different can two dogs be?

The answer…


Lily, the beautiful Bichon, (AKA The Love Of My Life), is the prettiest, fluffiest little creature you could ever lay eyes on. Even our vet calls her Princess, Sex in the City girl, or The Southern Belle.

Sums her up pretty well I reckon.









Poppy, the scruffy Cavachon, (AKA The Interloper), is cute in a way that only a ragged little tramp can be.

IMG_9665photophoto 1






Lily prances around on her tippy toes, ballerina-esque, delicate and graceful and light on her feet.


Poppy… well, Poppy bounds around aimlessly, jaws permanently agape in a joyous, if slightly backward-looking grin.

There are no photos of poppy in movement as we simply cannot track her fast  enough. So I offer you a pic that all dog parents will identify with...

There are no photos of Poppy in movement as we simply cannot track her fast enough. So I offer you a pic that all dog parents will identify with…


Poppy will lick you into the middle of next week, given half the chance.

To receive a lick from Lily is a rare and precious experience. So much so, that when either the OH or I receive one we have  been known to gasp and whisper delightedly to each other, “She licked me!”.

One very inconvenient and particular difference between my two little girls is their attitude to grooming…

Poor little Lily came to our home at 18months old. I have told you all before about the suspected bad treatment she may have received there, arriving here with matted fur and a completely knotted up tail that needed to be shaved right down to the skin.

As a result she has never embraced being groomed, which unfortunately for her, (and us), is a frequent but evil necessity to keep the tight corkscrew curls that Bichon Frise sport under control.

From day one, she bared her tiny little teeth when the slicker brush made an appearance.

At first the OH and I found this quite comical. Trust me, being growled at by a tiny 4.5 kilo white ball of fluff, with the minutest wee teeth you could imagine, is really very funny. However, as we came to realise the level of distress and pain the grooming process was causing her, we, needless to say, became much less amused by the experience.

Even our highly qualified groomer found her a challenge to cope with, and I hate to say that the dreaded muzzle made several appearances on her six-weekly visits for torture. It even got to the stage that, after an enjoyable walk to the groomers, I had to physically lift and carry her up the driveway, as she dug her little paws into the tarmac and refused to move once it dawned on her where she was.


The odd thing however is that Lily does LOVE a bath! Once she sees the warm bubbles she cannot wait to get into her little tub and sit wallowing in the luxury, while I massage her with shampoo, (paraben-free, of course!), and rinse her off with fresh warm water.

And the blow-dry following the bath! Words cannot begin to describe the joyous rolling around she does as we point the hairdryer at her little belly and ears. After a spell of crazy back-rolling around, she sits and faces the jet of warm air, her dark brown eyes closed in pleasure. It’s a delight to watch and always makes us laugh.

photo 1


Conversely, Poppy will do the classic four-legs-splayed-at-the-edge-of-the-tub to avoid being lowered into her bath water. Once we finally get all four legs in, the battle really starts.

Once again, I can offer no photographic evidence that Poppy has ever been bathed as the event itself is an ordeal enough without risking my iPhone being drowned in the mayhem. Hence, another dog parent scenario we all know too well.

Once again, I can offer no photographic evidence that Poppy has ever been bathed as the event itself is an ordeal enough without risking my iPhone being drowned in the mayhem. Hence, another dog parent scenario we all know too well.

Whereas I can easily bath Lily solo, it takes the two of us to wrestle Poppy into the tub and keep her there. The constant struggle to get out never ends, and it is with relief, for all three of us, that we towel her off at the end of the ordeal.

She runs terrified from the hairdryer and we have adjusted to endure the  l’eau de wet dog smell instead. We are aware that winter is coming and she will simply have to face her fear of the dryer once the air turns colder. Bad luck Poppy!

damp doggies

damp doggies


we need a bath momma!







As with everything, Poppy is the polar opposite to Lily when it comes to being brushed. When she spies the brush being brought out she dances with delight, spinning in excited circles and trying to jump up onto the grooming counter we have in out utility room. She would happily sit all day and be brushed. She doesn’t even flinch if we come across a knot or small matt and seems to find the teasing out of it quite enjoyable, like a good satisfying scratch.

We have tried brushing Poppy ahead of Lily, to help Lily see it can indeed be a nice experience… but our Lily is no fool! She will watch Poppy being brushed, but when we turn to pick Lily up she turns to run with a look that says, “Not me you guys! Just coz The Interloper is a sucker doesn’t make me one!”.

I will leave you with some before and after photos of the two girls from their recent jaunt to the groomers and, just because it always makes me smile, a picture of the time Lily came home from there with a very fashion-forward look. Her face says it all I think…

photo 2

why momma? whyyyyy?

note: I did NOT ask the groomer to humiliate Lily in such an awful way! Pic taken by groomer before I arrived to collect my wee girl

Processed with Moldiv

I have yet to describe the most striking difference between my two little girls… food.

Stay tuned for the next doggie-blog, where I will give you the low-down on the differences between the dog who will eat LITERALLY anything, and the one who requires homemade, hand-fed delicacies all of her own.

Nope, no prizes if you guess it correctly!






One thought on “Doggy Differences…

  1. Thanks for a great post with wonderful pics. There is something about tilted head dog photos that is irresistible and wet dogs always look so mournful that they are funny. And the dog cartoons were spot on!

    I sense that you and Poppy have recently become closer although the title “Interloper” suggests neither you nor Lily have become snuggle buddies yet. Poppy is a very cute furball; I don’t think I know any other Cavalier-Bichon mixes.

    I think Max would get along with your two pups quite well even though Max’s arch enemy on the K Streets is a Bichon, a very aggressive one, not at all like Lily. We call that dog by her improper French name, the Bitchin’ Frizzy.

    Finally, Max sends his condolences and commiserates with Lily about all the hair ornaments and braids that groomers persist in adding after a hair cut. At least with Lily it’s a feminine touch. I can’t handle the abuse I get and the pity I see in the eyes of fellow dog walkers when I take Max around the neighborhood with a frilly bow in his hair.

    We look forward to the stories on eating. Max is a vacuum, a black hole of doggie appetite whose power sucks everything into his voracious maw.

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