Oh So Lovely Blog Award

My new bestie Felicity at The Dark Night Chronicles (http://felicityjohns.wordpress.com) very kindly nominated me for this award… thank you honey! If you haven’t read her blog… correct that right now!

Here are the rules for our nominees:

1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

2. You must list the rules.

3. You must add 7 facts about yourself.

4. You must nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

5. You must display the award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you.


Seven facts about me…

1. I am a lover, not a fighter

2. I adore my dogs

3. I love to laugh and make people laugh

4. I never, ever follow rules

5. I never judge

6. I don’t do ‘grey’, it’s all or nothing with me

7. I am short, like really short

Now for my nominations!


The Darkside of the Moon

The Dark Night Chronicles

Steve and Jon’s best things

Where’s my xanax…??


P.S. Please Don’t Be a Serial Killer



story medic



Alexzandra Goode






25 thoughts on “Oh So Lovely Blog Award

  1. I think you ROCK. 😀 And, it’s an honor to be nominated 😉 Loved reading your 7 things – I’m very tall. Like, freakishly. (Also, I’m jealous at how fast you did that. It took me forever!)

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