The Perfect Man?


A very lovely new guy friend of mine said this and I was floored by it.

It makes me sad, that a man who has such obvious respect and admiration for women as him, really should not be alone. Sometimes, I think, the universe gets it wrong.

More than that however, it made me want to write about what constitutes the perfect man or woman… which of course is total nonsense, no one is perfect.

But what is perfect for me? Reader, allow me to fantasise for a while…

The very basic, real things I want are…

First of all, I share my friend’s viewpoint; I could not find a man attractive if he did not engage my mind, and if he did not want to explore mine, then he is not really interested in ME.


I want him to talk to me, ask me questions, challenge me, and REALLY listen.

I want him to not shy away from the hard stuff.

I want him to argue with me and call me out when I am being an idiot.

I want him to teach me new things and be willing, and eager, to learn things from me.

I want him to make me laugh out loud, and I want him to find me funny.


I want him to share with me; his dreams, hopes, fears, worries.

I want him to want to know mine, but to be respectful if I am not ready to share, as I would be with him.

I want him to remember things I say, things that are important to me.

I want him to be a reader.

I want him to be interested in the world around us.

I want him to value keeping informed about the world.

I want him to be curious.

I want him to love nature and animals.

I want him to genuinely like people, to find them as fascinating as I do.

I want him to not only tolerate my silliness, but to love it.

I want him to be willing to be silly in front of me.

I want him to always be willing to try new things with me.

I want him to value trying new things more than he fears looking foolish if he fails.



These things I can live without, but if I am honest, the perfect man could…


Play music


Create; art, craft, DIY, anything!

Write, express himself well


Fix things


I probably sound like the highest maintainance gal you have ever encountered, but trust me, nothing could be further from the truth!

All I want is a man who respects me enough to treat me as more than a body, an object, a warm place to lay.

A man who wants to really know me.

Days and evenings spent endlessly talking, laughing, exploring each others minds… and bodies.

I hope my lovely friend finds his perfect woman, and spends many happy years exploring her mind, (and her body! He would be very upset if I didn’t wish that for him!), and having her explore his.

After all, it is what we are all looking for… isn’t it?



21 thoughts on “The Perfect Man?

  1. I remember reading this now! The “silliness” line jogged my memory because I too am looking for someone to be absolutely silly with. 😀

    I also remember finishing it with an image of your perfect guy in my head. I don’t think any of these things on this list are too much to ask KitKat. Keep your head up. Your fellow artistic soulmate is out there. 😀

    Also…isn’t it too funny how we all tend to write about this same things? Check this one out from me when you get bored. One the EXACT same lines as yours here…except this is MY idea of perfection.

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