Erotic Passages…

I have written before about how starting my blogs changed my life for the better.

One of the best things that has come from my venture into the world of blogging has been meeting so many amazing new people.

By far and away, my favourite new friend is a truly impressive and talented woman who many of you are already familiar with I am sure, (if you are not, I highly recommend you click on this link NOW!

Felicity is an American, southern lady with a deliciously dirty mind. She writes dark and erotic literature and poetry, which you can all enjoy over at her blog The Dark Night Chronicles.

As well as being an amazing writer, Felicity is a gifted artist and she can knit and play the piano. She rides horses, bakes, cooks and can make her own butter and cheese. There is very little this lady cannot do! If she were not my friend I would probably hate her and be consumed by jealousy…

But, I am honoured to say she is my friend, and talking to her and laughing with her, (yes she is hilarious to boot!), everyday helps keep me sane.

Felicity has taken the plunge into self-publishing and her eBook, Erotic Passages, is soon to be launched. Keep your eyes peeled people! I will be promoting it as soon as it is ready to be purchased.

Erotic Passages will tell the story of Adam and Felicity, two star-crossed lovers, whose passion and love story will captivate you, as it did me. I fell head over heels in love with Adam and completely identified with Felicity. I wait with baited breath to see how that story will turn out.

She will also publish some of her best poetry, short stories and vignettes. (Trust me, how she selects her ‘best’ is beyond me… I think everything she produces is first class.)

One reason I will be the first in line to buy Erotic Passages is that Felicity is including some previously unpublished poems.

The imagery, language and flow of her poetry is truly a thing of beauty.

I frequently read it aloud to the OH and he is always blown away by it.

(I have tried to persuade  her to read some to me in her gorgeous southern drawl but she declines… spoilsport!)

I do hope that you people who read my blog follow my advice to check out my ridiculously talented friend, and that you will treat yourselves to Erotic Passages once it hits the virtual shelves.

I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed!



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Apparently, I Am A Bad Girl…! YES!

Massive thanks to my lovely fellow sex blogger JBlondie for nominating me for the Bad Girls Blogger Award! I am flattered beyond words to think this incredibly talented and funny lady likes my little filthy scribbles. If you are not already reading and following her exploits, you are seriously missing a trick… go click that link and follow her. You can thank me later.

Starting my two erotica blogs has changed my life in several ways. I have connected with so many interesting new people and I am delighted to say that I have made real and, hopefully, lifelong friendships with some of them. I have allowed myself to explore my innermost desires and fantasies without censorship or self judgement. My opinions on many aspects of sex and sexuality have been challenged and I have changed my mind about where I stand on several issues. My research  into the world of BDSM has been a truly fascinating journey and I am glad to say I am a better person for it. JBlondie says I am a woman without boundaries… so fuck it, I’ll say it… yes, my sex life has certainly improved! The OH ain’t complaining either, wink, wink!

Now… onto the serious business of nominating some women I think you should definitely check out.

Here we go…

I know etiquette dictates that I should say these are in no particular order, but I need to hold my hands up and honestly say that the first on my list is first for a reason. After her, the list truly is in no particular order, but this woman simply stands alone for her talent and skills as a writer.

The Dark Night Chronicles is simply the most beautifully written and crafted blog I have become across, (no pun intended, although she WILL make you come!). She conjures up the most extraordinary imagery with her precise and pitch perfect selection of words. Her poetry in particular is a thing of beauty. When you read them, know this… she writes them all fast and unedited. This woman is one of those freaks of nature… the words flow out of her, effortlessly and prolifically. She has become a dear friend of mine, my soul sister, and I truly hope she gets the recognition and success she deserves. FYI she is releasing an e-book in the not too distant future so keep those eyes peeled. (Did I mention that she is a talented artist too? Yeah, she’s kind of annoying that way!)

Ms DI combines very, very sexy stories with insightful and interesting non-fiction pieces about her experiences and views on the BDSM life. I am looking forward to diving into her blog and reading more than what I have discovered to date. I highly recommend you check her out.

Rachel Woe writes very hot stories! I am a fan of her Flash Fiction in particular. She specialises in pushing the boundaries and exploring taboos. Check out her excellent novel-in-progress The Cabin. Go!

Sex w/Annie won me over with a delightfully lighthearted and funny post about the contents of people’s bedside drawers. She writes frankly and openly about sex, love and relationships. She is an excellent resource and is bursting with tips to improve your sex and love life.

Savannah the loving wife of gets a special mention. This blog is predominately managed by Will, her husband, but the lovely Savannah has started to write on it now also. This couple are truly inspiring. They are exploring new frontiers in their relationship, and are generous enough to share their journey with us. I love this pair!

I do hope you take the time to check out these amazing women, and if you have other blogs to suggest that I could follow I would be delighted to hear about them… I am always looking for new reading material!

RULES: If you are a recipient, please choose 3-5 female bloggers who write about sex (or post sexy pics of them selves, or both) that you admire and award them by passing on the award photo above and the rules.  Also, give a brief explanations of why you love those bloggers so much. 

Be sure to notify your favourite bloggers that they got the award! (Or Don’t…as The Rambling Goat would say…”Meh” …you still won whether you nominate others or not)




Feeling sexy…

What makes you feel sexy?

I have been in a low mood the last few days and feeling decidedly unsexy, ugly and just plain gross.

So, in an effort to lift myself I started playing music… then the inevitable urge to dance came over me.

When I dance, I do so with a total absence of inhibition.

I sway and kick my hips to the beat. I twerk, I grind, I grab the counter or sink and use it as a prop to grind and dip against.

My dogs watch and sometimes join in. My neighbours have probably watched me swinging my hips all sexy-style around my kitchen and I do not care a jot.

And after about all of 30 seconds, I start to feel like the sexiest little bitch on earth. Something about the sensuality of moving around to a grinding beat, an awesome guitar riff and a sexy voice singing even sexier words make me feel… like a sex kitten. Grinding and swaying my hips always results in me feeling, (pardon my crude language, so unusual for me!), horny as hell.

Maybe it’s the sensation of the seam of my jeans rubbing against a certain area.

Maybe it’s the sheer physicality of the dancing.

Maybe it’s the way my movements mirror movements that happen during sex.

I do not know exactly why it makes me feel this way, it simply does.

The effect is heightened if I am being watched. (I must have a touch of exhibitionism about me, who’da thunk it right?!)

If the OH is in the room I ramp the sexy up a bit. I like to think it has the same effect on him.

When I am alone I settle for picturing my neighbour watching, hoping he likes what he sees!

And I admit I tweet my music and declare my dancing to the twitterverse… (oops! Definitely more than a touch of exhibitionism/voyeur fetish I suspect!)


Something has occurred to me as I write this piece, which was intended to focus on what makes me feel sexy, so please forgive my momentary digression…

Aren’t all of us bloggers exhibitionists at heart?

We all seem to nurse a deep-seated desire to share our lives, our thoughts, our fantasies, our fears and our dreams with each other.

I know for a fact that the OH, although he is always very supportive and generous in his praise of my writing, cannot wrap his head around my need to be so open and honest about my life with complete strangers.

I do not have much more insight into it other than I find writing my shit down helps me work out how I feel, why I behave in certain ways, its like my therapy. Perhaps the reason I want to share it all is in the hope that someone else will respond, saying they too have shared whatever experience I am writing about?

Perhaps I am seeking a sense of connection and understanding?

Please leave me a comment explaining why you blog, why you feel the need to share yourself, what rewards you get from it.


Now, back to sexy…

I feel sexy after I have had sex or an orgasm. I find I walk differently. I carry myself differently. I make eye contact with more people and hold it for longer.

I suspect the reason for this is the validation sex gives me that I am actually desirable to someone and that my body is capable of giving me and another person such intense pleasure.

I feel sexy when I flirt and when someone flirts with me. (And readers, if you hadn’t guessed it by now, I flirt A LOT! I flirt with men, women, younger, older, babies, dogs…)  I could flirt with my own reflection FFS!

I feel sexy when I wear certain clothes. 

I am not the dress and high heels type and I never have been, (much to the OH’s disappointment!). But, when I wear my skinny jeans, my fuck-me biker boots and a sexy tight tee-shirt or lace blouse? Then I walk into a room with such confidence, it’s like I own it.

In fact on the occasions that I have worn the little black dress, stockings, shoes ensemble, (hey, I gotta keep the OH happy every now and then…), I have felt uncomfortable and unconfident in the extreme. Those nights rarely end with any sexy time because I have spent the evening fidgeting and adjusting my clothes rather than simply enjoyoing myself and my companion’s company.

I feel sexy when I wear makeup. I can leave the house without it, of course, but once the smokey eyes are done I feel like my real self. I know how ridiculous that sounds, that I feel like my real self when I wear make up! But, that is simply how it is.

I feel sexy when I write my sexy stories. I am not embarrassed to tell you I have frequently felt tingles as I write! I sit at my kitchen table, (in full view of the neighbours again!), and work out the moves I am writing. I often find that I have been stroking my throat or collarbones in the manner I have just described my character doing. I have been known to squirm in my seat!

The best feeling is when someone tells me they actually got off to something I wrote! The idea that I have helped someone orgasm with only my words and images is one very, very powerfully sexy feeling, let me tell you! So readers, do feel free to share if my words have hit the right spot for you!

I would love to hear what makes you feel sexy! Please do leave a comment and share with us!

However, sadly, as I stopped dancing to write this piece, I am now back to feeling grossly unattractive, unsexy and plain old ugly again… time to put more music on I guess?

If you are interested in some of my absolute favourite sexy song lyrics, the ones that give me tingles, check out my other post

If you want to know what any of the songs are just ask! I might even post a link to it!

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All rights reserved.

Looking back…

Today a new follower commented on an old post of mine.    (Welcome new follower!)

The comment made me scratch my head in puzzlement. I could not even remember the post, so I had to search back through my blog to find it.

I was actually shocked to read the words I had written. I was clearly in a very bad place when I wrote them. I was hating myself, feeling like a failure and I spoke about myself with contempt.

The sadness and desperation that leapt from the screen felt so incongruent with the way I feel about myself today.

Having been spoiled to pieces by the OH for my birthday yesterday, and the fact that I am actually liking what I see in the mirror these days, I can honestly say that I am in a much better place now.

For a short while, I actually considered going back and deleting the post, as it felt that it doesn’t reflect me as I am today.

I was conflicted. It is not how I feel right now, but it was true when I wrote it.

A comment the OH made over breakfast very much reflected my feelings about some of my older blog pieces…

I have two girlfriends that he knows that I confide in.

One I spoke to a lot at a time when the OH and myself were having a very difficult time. I was deeply unhappy and leaving felt like a real option. She listened to me a lot during that period of time and I will always be grateful for her counsel. The OH is convinced, based on what I told her, that she hates him!

My other friend has gotten to know me more recently and has heard me talk about the OH in a different way entirely, as we have managed to resolves several of our differences since the dark days earlier this year. The OH has even ‘chatted’ to her through me on Skype, as I tell her things he says in response to something she has said. She genuinely likes him, finds him funny, (he is), and thinks, quite correctly, that I am lucky to have him.

So, this morning, after me telling him about my new follower and my delve back into the archives of my blog, he says to me, “You know, if those two ever met each other they would describe two totally different men? One knows one side of me and the other knows a different side.”

I thought about this and I had to agree.

Readers, I do hope you realise that whatever you read here is simply a snapshot of me, and my life, at the given point in time that I am writing.

The KittyKat typing these words today is a very different woman to the one who wrote such a sad and sorry post earlier this year, and for that matter, the KittyKat you might read tomorrow or next week could well be a completely new version of me.

We all change over time.

Me? I change from one day to another.

One day I’m crazy-happy and energised and another day you will find me despondent, tired and irritable. As I have said before, I don’t do grey!

Relationships change too.

The OH and I are in a good place now, but there is no guarantee it will remain that way.

What we have is strong but it is very delicate at the same time.

Our strength comes from a very deep sense of friendship and respect for each other, and as of tomorrow, 23 years of shared history.

Our fragility is that we are very, very different people from the ones we were all those years ago. We grew up together, but some of that was growing apart.

We are very different types of people too.

He is meticulous, slow, focused.

I am a bundle of chaotic energy, creative, sloppy and have way too many projects on the go at any one time.

I am impatient.

He takes forever to get ready, his motto is “five more minutes…”

I am adventurous, rebellious and very open minded, (youngest child syndrome).

He is reserved, conservative and follows the rules, (oldest child syndrome).

However we share a very dark, filthy and disturbed sense of humour, and we have learned to adjust our different personalities to tolerate, if not always approve of, each other’s quirks.

He once said I only ever write negative things about him here.

That may have a nugget of truth, because, when we were in trouble, I vented and released my misery through the cathartic process of writing. I was not in a place to wax lyrical about the man who had hurt and betrayed me, (sorry babe! But it is true, and you know it!).

However, that man has made efforts to change and to understand the way his behaviour damaged us.

That is partnership.

Dealing with the shit that happens, doing what it takes to make things right again, and finally, and this is the hard part, forgiving each other for wrongdoings.

So, to my new follower… that post you read this morning was a 100% accurate portrayal of who I was and where my life was at that point.

If you stick around, you will no doubt see the other sides of me and my life.

Everything I write here is 100% truth, raw and honest. Even if the OH might not like it, or if I offend anyone, (never intentionally), or if I regret it later. Always truth.

I hope you enjoy the ride!




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All rights reserved.