Apparently, I Am A Bad Girl…! YES!

Massive thanks to my lovely fellow sex blogger JBlondie for nominating me for the Bad Girls Blogger Award! I am flattered beyond words to think this incredibly talented and funny lady likes my little filthy scribbles. If you are not already reading and following her exploits, you are seriously missing a trick… go click that link and follow her. You can thank me later.

Starting my two erotica blogs has changed my life in several ways. I have connected with so many interesting new people and I am delighted to say that I have made real and, hopefully, lifelong friendships with some of them. I have allowed myself to explore my innermost desires and fantasies without censorship or self judgement. My opinions on many aspects of sex and sexuality have been challenged and I have changed my mind about where I stand on several issues. My research  into the world of BDSM has been a truly fascinating journey and I am glad to say I am a better person for it. JBlondie says I am a woman without boundaries… so fuck it, I’ll say it… yes, my sex life has certainly improved! The OH ain’t complaining either, wink, wink!

Now… onto the serious business of nominating some women I think you should definitely check out.

Here we go…

I know etiquette dictates that I should say these are in no particular order, but I need to hold my hands up and honestly say that the first on my list is first for a reason. After her, the list truly is in no particular order, but this woman simply stands alone for her talent and skills as a writer.

The Dark Night Chronicles is simply the most beautifully written and crafted blog I have become across, (no pun intended, although she WILL make you come!). She conjures up the most extraordinary imagery with her precise and pitch perfect selection of words. Her poetry in particular is a thing of beauty. When you read them, know this… she writes them all fast and unedited. This woman is one of those freaks of nature… the words flow out of her, effortlessly and prolifically. She has become a dear friend of mine, my soul sister, and I truly hope she gets the recognition and success she deserves. FYI she is releasing an e-book in the not too distant future so keep those eyes peeled. (Did I mention that she is a talented artist too? Yeah, she’s kind of annoying that way!)

Ms DI combines very, very sexy stories with insightful and interesting non-fiction pieces about her experiences and views on the BDSM life. I am looking forward to diving into her blog and reading more than what I have discovered to date. I highly recommend you check her out.

Rachel Woe writes very hot stories! I am a fan of her Flash Fiction in particular. She specialises in pushing the boundaries and exploring taboos. Check out her excellent novel-in-progress The Cabin. Go!

Sex w/Annie won me over with a delightfully lighthearted and funny post about the contents of people’s bedside drawers. She writes frankly and openly about sex, love and relationships. She is an excellent resource and is bursting with tips to improve your sex and love life.

Savannah the loving wife of gets a special mention. This blog is predominately managed by Will, her husband, but the lovely Savannah has started to write on it now also. This couple are truly inspiring. They are exploring new frontiers in their relationship, and are generous enough to share their journey with us. I love this pair!

I do hope you take the time to check out these amazing women, and if you have other blogs to suggest that I could follow I would be delighted to hear about them… I am always looking for new reading material!

RULES: If you are a recipient, please choose 3-5 female bloggers who write about sex (or post sexy pics of them selves, or both) that you admire and award them by passing on the award photo above and the rules.  Also, give a brief explanations of why you love those bloggers so much. 

Be sure to notify your favourite bloggers that they got the award! (Or Don’t…as The Rambling Goat would say…”Meh” …you still won whether you nominate others or not)




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