Erotic Passages…

I have written before about how starting my blogs changed my life for the better.

One of the best things that has come from my venture into the world of blogging has been meeting so many amazing new people.

By far and away, my favourite new friend is a truly impressive and talented woman who many of you are already familiar with I am sure, (if you are not, I highly recommend you click on this link NOW!

Felicity is an American, southern lady with a deliciously dirty mind. She writes dark and erotic literature and poetry, which you can all enjoy over at her blog The Dark Night Chronicles.

As well as being an amazing writer, Felicity is a gifted artist and she can knit and play the piano. She rides horses, bakes, cooks and can make her own butter and cheese. There is very little this lady cannot do! If she were not my friend I would probably hate her and be consumed by jealousy…

But, I am honoured to say she is my friend, and talking to her and laughing with her, (yes she is hilarious to boot!), everyday helps keep me sane.

Felicity has taken the plunge into self-publishing and her eBook, Erotic Passages, is soon to be launched. Keep your eyes peeled people! I will be promoting it as soon as it is ready to be purchased.

Erotic Passages will tell the story of Adam and Felicity, two star-crossed lovers, whose passion and love story will captivate you, as it did me. I fell head over heels in love with Adam and completely identified with Felicity. I wait with baited breath to see how that story will turn out.

She will also publish some of her best poetry, short stories and vignettes. (Trust me, how she selects her ‘best’ is beyond me… I think everything she produces is first class.)

One reason I will be the first in line to buy Erotic Passages is that Felicity is including some previously unpublished poems.

The imagery, language and flow of her poetry is truly a thing of beauty.

I frequently read it aloud to the OH and he is always blown away by it.

(I have tried to persuade  her to read some to me in her gorgeous southern drawl but she declines… spoilsport!)

I do hope that you people who read my blog follow my advice to check out my ridiculously talented friend, and that you will treat yourselves to Erotic Passages once it hits the virtual shelves.

I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed!



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