Erotic Passages… coming soon!


I needed to share my growing excitement about something with you guys and gals!

Last year I was fortunate enough to meet a woman that continually surprises and impresses me with her talent, skill, sweetness, patience, kindness and all round awesomeness! We met on WP and discovered that our lives are spookily similar in countless ways. She is, without doubt, one of the best friends I have made and I consider her my soul sister.

Who is this amazing creature?

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Felicity Johns, author extraordinaire of The Dark Night Chronicles.

Click felicity for some of the finest erotic fiction and poetry you will read this year, or any year!

To learn more about her, click

The very exciting news is that my friend is releasing her first eBook next month entitled Erotic Passages.

The image I used above was her cover reveal teaser… (she is quite the tease, is Feli!)

The full cover reveal is scheduled for January 11th so do be sure to stay tuned for that!

The book itself will launch on February 11th, perfect timing to purchase it as a Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart.

Better still, treat yourself to an evening of erotic fun, pour a glass of wine, run a bath and settle down to let your imagination be stimulated, (and it won’t be only your imagination that is stimulated, trust me!), by her beautifully crafted prose and verse.

If you are already a subscriber to her blog and feel there is no reason to buy the book… you are so wrong! Along with previously published works, Felicity is including some exclusive new stories and poems that you will never have read before.

If the promise of new material from the Queen of Filth isn’t tempting you, well friends, I think y’all better check your pulse!

By the way… this chick isn’t merely a seriously gifted writer… she is also a talented artist, she plays piano, she is funny, she knits, she cooks, she makes her own freaking butter!

The lady has no limits and if I didn’t love her so, I would fucking hate her!

I think my little love letter about my soul sister is done now… I should end it before I make my self throw up from the sweetness I’ve poured over her.

I will end with saying just this… Keep your eyes open for her book launch and do please consider investing in this very bright new talent. You can say you were amongst the first to discover her… and y’all can thank me later!

Thanks for reading people!



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All rights reserved.

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