Ask Me Anything!

My very dear friend, *Felicity Johns, is about to release her first eBook on Wednesday and we were brainstorming ideas this morning on various ways to promote her. I had a moment of inspiration, (yeah, it happens…)  and suggested she do an #AskMeAnything post on her blog and her twitter ac.

She loved it and went ahead… here’s hoping it works! Fingers and toes crossed babe!

I realised then that I actually kind of wanted to try my idea out myself!

I highly doubt I will get any questions at all but… fuck it!

I’m granting you permission to ask me a question that you might have wanted to ask me before…

Your question can relate to any or all of my three blogs and can be anything you like!



*Check her out at

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All rights reserved.

24 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything!

    • I love research! A lot of my stories are based, to some extent or other, on my own personal experiences and fantasies.
      However I do use the God that is Google a lot to check up on details. I try to be as accurate as I can, I think readers can smell a falsehood a mile off.
      This is fantasy writing but it needs grounding in fact and reality.
      Thanks for the question!

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