Word for Wednesday (W4W) … #01

I have decided to try to get a little “Event” going!

Every Wednesday I will select a word that I either love/hate/is special to me. I will write a short piece about why this word matters to me and invite others to join in.

If you would like to join in, simply tag your post W4W and link back to me. No prizes, it’s just for fun!

How about we see how it goes? If it takes off or sinks like a rock?!

Todays word is


I have always loved this word! I love how it trips off the tongue… ser-en-dip-pity! The word itself sounds happy!

I love also the meaning of the word… a happy accident. How heartwarming is that?

I always used to say if I had a daughter I would name her Serendipity, regardless of whether she was an “accident” or not.

I wonder if she would have appreciated it or not?!

Thanks Blogging 201!



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35 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) … #01

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    • Yes just pop it in my comments box.
      I read your W4W and found it very interesting. I’m so glad you chose my event! Looking forward to reading more from you!
      Best of luck with Blogging 101. I did Blogging 201 and found it very helpful.

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