Thanks to Elle for joining in and spreading the Word… Pun intended!

Finding Myself Through Writing

There’s an interesting blogging event going on over at KITTYKAT’S place. The name of it is ‘Word for Wednesday’.

Pick a word…any word will do. Write your thoughts on this word. This doesn’t have to be a long process. Make it fun, link back to her site and tag your post with W4W.

This sounded intriguing to me because I love words, especially words that aren’t commonly used in your everyday vocabulary.

Tooling around is the word I chose for my ‘Word for Wednesday’. I guess this would be considered two words, but I couldn’t come up with the right definition when just googling tooling.

Definition of tooling around – The art of walking around without a particular purpose in mind.

I love this word. It just sounds so mysterious and maybe a bit pretentious doesn’t it? My friend Susannah uses it now and then on her athingirl blog and I’ve been obsessed with…

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