Fifty Shades Obsessed…

As the film hits the cinemas tomorrow, I thought it was a good time to reblog my obsession with the God that is Jamie Dornan.
In my humble opinion, the books were simply dreadful and, from the clips I’ve seen, the film does not look much better.
The acting appears to be very wooden… and not in a good way.
However, I have immensely enjoyed seeing my Object Of Desire on TV quite a lot, promoting said film!
Finally, I ask that please do not let this film be your only taste of his acting ability. I urge, (yeah… I said urge!), you to seek out and watch the BBC drama series The Fall… dark, twisted, incredibly good!
Happy Galentines Day to all my lady readers and Happy Valentines Day in advance to y’all!


First things first, I must proclaim that I am probably the only woman who has not read the infamous 50 Shades trilogy. I did read a few extracts, and I found the “Holy Cow!” declarations by the heroine to be possibly the least sexy language ever used to describe a grown woman’s reaction to an impressive erection.

However I must also admit that my interest in the film is borderline obsessive…

This is because of my mega-crush on the beautiful, Godlike creature that is Jamie Dornan.

*pause while I hyperventilate at the very thought of Him

Dornan first came to my attention in the excellent BBC drama The Fall, playing the sexiest goddamned serial killer you will ever see on screen. In addition to his dark brooding good looks, his portrayal of a loving family man who harbours a monstrous dark sideline in rape and murder was truly impressive. He managed…

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