Word for Wednesday (W4W) #02

Second post for my new “Event”

To recap…

Every Wednesday I will select a word that I either love/hate/is special to me. I will write a short piece about why this word matters to me and invite others to join in.

If you would like to join in, simply tag your post W4W and link back to me.

No prizes, it’s just for fun!

Todays word is…


Excuse me, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth just typing that word.

As a reader and writer of erotica, I come across, (no pun intended!), this word all too often. I am not sure why it offends me to the extent it does… It has a creepy, dirty old man vibe to it that makes my skin crawl.

“Take off your panties,” will NEVER make me, (excuse me while I cheat at my own event by sharing my other most despised word now), moist.

If I am reading a piece of erotic fiction and the word panties, (or moist… ew!), pops up, any and all arousal I may have been feeling dissipates like ice being hit with boiling water.

I prefer the words pants, underwear, even knickers in a pinch… although knickers that pinch are, literally, a pain in the ass.

Looking forward to seeing what words y’all come up with today.

Don’t forget to link back to me ok?



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20 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #02

  1. W4W I also despise the word panties lol. It makes me feel creepy. The word reminds me of little girls when mom would say ‘don’t forget your clean panties’ when sending you in to take your bath. The word creeps me out when I read it in books and I dislike it in my own much like you do lol. It is disturbing, I prefer more descriptive wording and that takes thought, although sometimes you just have to use the word but when I do, it makes me feel…well…creepy.

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  3. H aha, I agree. In real life I have never and will never call my underwear panties. In writing, I decide what kind of a word my character will use and if I think they are the kind to use the word, they do, but I still cringe, lol. I agree that for me the word is creepy, but it does pop up in my writing since I tend to write in 1st person…maybe I should stop writing characters who think it’s an acceptable word! LOL!

  4. I have nothing against the word panties. Nothing at all. But I can think of a few synonyms in my own language that would make me cringe, so I understand what you’re saying.
    I wanted to participate today but my mind is too tired (sleep deprivation does that to me) so it will have to wait for next week 🙂

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  6. Without doubt, one of the most revolting, creep-worthy words in English. Along with moist. And my sister in law has a particular revulsion for ’tissue’- I think it’s the sibilants. So, panties, moist, tissue- well there’s a writing prompt if ever I saw one!

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