25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 1)

I found this little game online, and thought it’d be fun to blog my answers.

I’m sure many of you will have come across it before, but hey! why not join me and play along?


Day 1

Clout – Substitute (1978)

Grooving in my chair, singing along now as I play this on YouTube! Ah the memories!

I was 6 when this song came out and I loved it! Whenever it came on the radio, I would sing along, loudly, passionately, with feeling!

Cute image, yeah? It gets… well, cuter?

I was an odd kid…

I, for some reason unknown to me now, always sang it “I’ll be your prostitute, whenever you need me, yeah, yeah…”

I suspect I must have sang it wrong once and got quite the reaction from my parents and thus continued to do it for the comic effect. I was then, (and still am to this day), a little performer who gets her kicks out of entertaining people.

To be clear, I had no idea what a prostitute was at the tender age of 6… but I knew how to get a laugh from people!

That song is gonna be in my head all day now… “I’ll be your prostitute…

😂  🎤



Addendum: Jeez guys! I must be getting ooooold coz I just realised I already did this challenge before on KittyKat! That time, my impatient nature came through and I decided to answer all 25 prompts in one go, rather than follow the rules of answering one a day…

So.. I offer you a choice.

Click 25 Songs, 25 Days to read my first attempt and you decide if I should quit now, or… if you would like me to continue the game, but this time I’ll do it one day at a time and give a more in-depth explanation, as I did today.

Give me your answers in my comments section. And forgive this daft old lady for her senior moment!

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