25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 3)



Day 3

Cristy Lane – One Day At A Time

Oh god the memories! My lovely, lovely mother used to sing this all the time!

She was always singing as she pottered around the kitchen, her high voice sometimes hitting the notes, other times painfully off key! She didn’t care, she just enjoyed singing.

The OH is very fond of tilting his head quizzically at times, when I am unselfconsciously singing away in my kitchen, and saying “Oh! hi there Breeda!” to remind me that I have, in fact, turned into my mother! He calls to the dogs, “Girls! your grandma stopped by to say hello!”

It’s a very sweet thing he does, and it always makes me laugh when I realise that, yep, I am my mother’s daughter.

Listening to that song as I write this is bittersweet… I lost her when I was 20. I can see her so clearly and I wipe away a tear, wishing she could be here now, with me, in my kitchen, and we could sing together.

Miss you Mam!


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5 thoughts on “25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 3)

  1. Where did you find the challenge, KittyKat? I can picture a household of singing females just for the love of it It’s made me smile and almost weep going through the list and thinking of the song that resonates with me.

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