25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 5)



Day 5

This changes everyday! But for now…

Hozier – Take Me To Church (2013)

Since first hearing this song, I have downloaded his album and listened to it daily, singing along and dancing around my kitchen.

I could have picked any song off the album, to be honest, as they are all exceptionally well crafted and completely addictive. The reason I chose Take Me To Church is that it was the very first Hozier song I ever heard… so it’s special.

His voice is extraordinary, unique and very sexy. His lyrics are simply breathtaking in their beauty and clever imagery. His guitar riffs leave me breathless and jealous as hell that I can’t play!

To say I am excited that I have tickets to see him support the Foo Fighters next May is possibly the understatement of the century!

A personal note of pride… He comes from my home county here in Ireland! #proudirishwoman!

If the heavens ever did speak /She’s the last true mouthpiece

The only Heaven I’ll be sent to / Is when I’m alone with you

Uh… take me now Hozier!



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