25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 12)



Day 12

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off  – 2014

If you haven’t watched this YouTube video of a big, tough cop lip synching and car-seat dancing to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, do yourself a big favour and click here now!

He totally nails it!

I love his facial expressions, his dancing, his rapping section… and they way he shifts in and out of the performance depending on whether he is being seen by the public is priceless.

As a person who shamelessly sings and dances in the car, it was a bit like finding a soulmate!

One time, as my husband drove us on the motorway, I was grooving out to a song on the radio, giving it my all and, as we overtook the car that had been ahead of us, we saw the driver hunched over his steering wheel in a fit of laughter.

He gave me the thumbs up, so naturally, I waved back!

It felt good to have made someone giggle as I enjoyed myself!

Do you guys sing in the car? Do you wave your arms around and seat-dance? Come on… spill!



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