Word For Wednesday (W4) #05


Another post for the W4W event!

If anyone needs to recap the rules, simply click W4W!

Come on! Join in!

Today’s word is…


It is safe to say that I live on twitter! My eyes open in the morning and, hangs head in shame, before I so much as pet the dogs or turn to the OH, I turn on my iPad and check in.

I am addicted. Simple as that!


I tried once to do a week detox… I lasted one day! One day!

For me, twitter is my lifeline to the outside world. I don’t work outside the house, so I have very limited social contact with anyone. If I didn’t have my friends on twitter I think I would lose my mind, pretty fast!

I enjoy all my silly random chats, deep and meaningful conversations, flirtations…

I do truly count many of the people I follow on twitter to be real friends. I know all about their lives, relationships, children, pets, hobbies, work. They know all about me in return. Thank fuck for DM!

A few of these friends have become even more ‘real’ and we have taken the next step of talking over Skype, which is probably, apart from twitter, my favourite invention of recent years! To be able to see and talk to your friends is a joy.

When we do Skype, my friends and I tend to talk for a minimum of two hours, and three has been known to happen!  We never seem to run out of things to talk about. Then, when we end the call, it almost 100% guaranteed that we will continue to chat on our TLs or in DMs.

It has its negative side; the trolls, the haters, the spammers, the bots, the sex pests, the unsolicited dick pics… But I value it so much to not allow that turn me off. A simple click on Unfollow or Block and its all over and done with.

I love the fact that celebrities interact with us mere mortals too! I have had flirty and funny chats with the actor Michael Rooker, (he is a doll!). I got two DMs from my favourite The Walking Dead actor, Norman Reedus, and chatted with his Boondock Saints costar, Sean Patrick Flannery. I have chatted with other TWD cast members a few times too.

So, really, I can say I am ‘friends’ with people in high places! 😂

I very much hope that these friendships will remain in my life, and there are a handful of people I really, really want to meet up with ‘in real life’ one day, if it is ever possible.

If you are on twitter stop by and say hi to me! Maybe we will become friends too! @Kats_my_Name__


Please link back to me if you do your own W4W as I love reading them!


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4 thoughts on “Word For Wednesday (W4) #05

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  2. Never ventured into Twitter- not yet anyway. As I’m someone who wants to write for a living, people have recommended it as a way to ‘reach out’ to my audience! Still, I already spend SO much time composing blogs/visiting/ commenting on others, if I tweet as well, I’ll have no time to finish the damn novel I’m writing!
    Well impressed with your Norman Reedus name drop- Daryl’s our favourite character on TWD- He’s grown from a 2D hillbilly into just a brilliant, complex man.
    Here’s my W4W on Word Shamble. A revolting sounding word that describes something rather glorious…

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