Word For Wednesday (W4W) #06

IMG_3026   Todays word is…


A good friend of mine used this word last night to describe our relationship and I felt I had to use is as my W4W. It is defined as: 1. agreeable, likeable 2. being on the same wavelength : congenial, sympathetic

My buddy and I frequently find ourselves on the same wavelength and it is always a joy to have a conversation with him. It is a rare thing to find somebody who just ‘gets’ you and it is something to be treasured and not taken for granted.
On a lighter note, I just love the way the word sounds and feels when I say it.
Its Italian origin is evident and you can have fun with its pronunciation… well maybe that’s just me… being the silly fool I am!
I am looking forward, as always, to reading what words my fellow bloggers come up with today.
Link back to me and share and let me know if you are enjoying the meme, ok?
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8 thoughts on “Word For Wednesday (W4W) #06

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