25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 25)



The last day of my trip down musical memory lane… I’ll be both sad and relieved this is over.

Sad because I enjoyed my searches through YouTube and listening to some of my favourite songs. Relieved because this exercise has taken up my time to the extent that my erotica has been neglected and I need to get back on that horse!

There are several songs I could listen to and not get tired of… Lately I have had both Ed Sheeran and Hozier playing more or less on loop and I haven’t gotten bored yet! Much to the OH’s chagrin!

Glancing through my playlist for songs I haven’t already mentioned I see:

Paulo Nutini – Loving You  and Last Request   (Such a beautiful boy! Yeah I’m a filthy cougar!)

Bob Marley – Redemption Song

Great songs for the car…

Five For Fighting – Superman

The Calling – Wherever You Will Go

But I will settle on this…

Ed Sheeran – The Parting Glass

Such a beautiful old Irish folk song, and his gorgeous, gentle, soft voice, I simply love this version!

Thanks for accompanying me on my little journey, I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a wee glimpse at my musical taste. I have enjoyed singing along as I write, so thank your lucky stars WP doesn’t allow audio!



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5 thoughts on “25 Songs, 25 Days (Day 25)

  1. I had to wonder if I wrote this post when I saw your choices! I was just telling my husband the other day that all the music I like comes from across the Atlantic. My faves are Hozier, Sheeran, Tom Odell, Paolo Nutini(he is certainly a yummy young man!) and I like Olly Murs. There’s more too but I think my husband wishes he could hear something besides Hozier and Sheeran which have been on repeat anytime I listen to music. lol. Great taste girl! 🙂

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