Word for Wednesday (W4W) #07


This weeks word is…

Brace yourselves! It is the N word…

Yep people, I’m going there!


Sorry, just threw up a little in my mouth… This word makes me ill.

It is creeeeeepy…

I say it aloud “newd”, it even sounds creepy, yeah?

There is only one time it should ever be used and that is to describe a life drawing, and even then it makes me cringe.

Naked. There! That’s so much better. It’s simple, factual, to the point and it’s sexy!

It IS sexy. I say the word naked and it conjures up, obviously an unclothed body, but also a rawness of some sort.

You can be physically naked, that’s easy!

But how sexy is it when someone is emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically naked with you? That kind of vulnerability, intimacy and trust is exquisitely sexy to me. A relationship where no topic is off the table, where honesty and ‘realness’ is mandatory, where you are free to be 100% authentically you… That is sexy! That makes me hot just thinking about it.

Tell me… do you use the N word? Does it not bother you as it does me? What other words do you use?


In the buff?




In the altogether?

Au naturel?

In your birthday suit?

Come on! Join in my W4W!    Share your word with the world!   Read how to here.



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13 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #07

  1. I don’t really have a problem with the word nude(it’s doesn’t make me vomit, lol) but I never use it. I love the word naked, however. I think using it to describe something, e.g. naked cock, makes it even more enticing. 🙂

  2. For a non native this word is actually almost old school. When you use the word “nude” it conjures old ladies or 19th century moral. I’ve heard it used a lot to describe a colour of shoes but in the context you’re mentioning, I’d probably use naked. To be fair I hadn’t thought about the ‘realness’ though one talks about the ‘naked truth’… to consider.
    Now my braincells are all a-quiver 😛 . Thanks for that.

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  4. ‘Tackle out’s’ a good one. And ‘stark-bollock-naked’, though both suggest nakedness of the swinging, male variety.
    We should invent a female-orientated euphemism- ‘showing your love pillows to the dawn,’ maybe. Or ‘mounds of Venus rising in the East.’ 🙂

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