Can’t Even Think Of A Witty Title…


I sit at my beloved Mac Book Pro and stare at the screen.


I got nothing…

So, this is writer’s block then?

It sucks ass!

I tried to find a funny quote about writer’s block… turns out the Internet said “No!”, so we can safely say there is nothing funny about feeling the need to write but having nothing to say.

So I apologise for today’s crappy post people…


And yes, I’ve read all the tips on how to overcome it but for today… I wallow.

Oh fuck off Linus!

Oh fuck off Linus!

Hope I come up something to entertain, amuse or provoke y’all soon…



Copyright, 2015,
All rights reserved.

34 thoughts on “Can’t Even Think Of A Witty Title…

  1. Or go out take a walk. I find that most often it helps. And it can be in different ways. 1) because it helps my brain breeze 😜 or 2) I start imagining people’s lives and it sparks the writing …

  2. I totally sympathise. Just had my third short story rejection of the week- cheers for the immaculate timing publishers- way to kick a girl when she’s down!
    Nothing but the sound of doors slamming recently and it leaves me feeling pretty crappy. I try and have lots of subs going at one time, so you always think ‘maybe the next one’, but nothing saps my imagination and inspiration like being shown how pants I am.
    Ah, well. I’ll soon climb back on that horse or dust myself down, or some other metaphor about carrying on regardless 🙂

  3. Did you draw the little cartoon at the top? 🙂 I find myself with long bouts of uninspired days and then out of nowhere something sparks an idea. I hope the same for you!

  4. And yet…you wrote. 🙂
    Writer’s block is difficult…it makes me just want to give up, but then an idea pops into my head and I go again, for better or worse. 🙂
    Linus totally deserved that. 😉

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