Friday Flash… Shattered

My gorgeous and ridiculously gifted friend Felicity over on TDNC has set her Friday Flash challenge as outlined below…

PromptShatter/Shattered/Shattering As always, this is not just a word prompt. It’s a thought prompt. It’s feeling the word you see, and writing what you feel. Neither am I limiting it to erotica. This one is wide open to your individual interpretation.

Challenge: Show me the break. Mental, physical, meta-physical. The moment of no return. I want this one so open that I’m not including a sentence.

Here is my humble contribution



Copyright, 2015,

All rights reserved.

17 thoughts on “Friday Flash… Shattered

  1. Reblogged this on The Dark Night Chronicles and commented:
    It seems unfair to me to pit prose against poetry, as they each bring something different to the table. I should perhaps state in the FF post that the two categories are given their own merits.

    Kat’s poem this week also reached out and grabbed me and gave me anothing shake (this could explain my brain damage this morning…) Thanks to all the beautiful poetry submitted, and I hope you’ll come back for our next edition.


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