TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday just posted their questions…

Here we go!


  1. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

Oh! That’s a tough question! I think my parents had a very large influence on my life, on the person I have become, not necessarily in a positive way. The OH certainly has a huge influence on my life, we met when I was only 19, so he has been in my life for longer than he hasn’t!

  1. What kinds of things really make you laugh?

Almost everything! My dogs make me laugh at least 100 times every day. I have a very dark and twisted sense of humour but ridiculously silly, slapstick things make me roar with laughter… Harry Hill for example. I have a tendency to make myself laugh, which can be problematic in public, when, for no apparent reason I start giggling to myself. I also tend to laugh at the fact that I’m laughing, which usually ends with me crying and being unable to stop laughing… and yes, that happens on the street way too often!

  1. What’s your favorite place in the entire world?

Dammit that’s hard!

I love Corralejo in Feurtaventura, Puerto Mogan in Gran Canaria, and Taormina in Sicily.

I love Barna in Galway, beaches in Donegal, the Wicklow Mountains, Belfast city, all in Ireland.

Don’t make me choose!

  1. Who is your best friend? What do you like about him/her?

I have a few… Obviously the OH. I know he will be there to pick me up when I fall, hold my hand when I’m unsteady, laugh with me when I’m silly and comfort me when I’m sad.

Felicity! We met last year and became fast friends. She cracks me up almost as much as the dogs do. She’s crazy, zany and very, very smart. She writes beautifully, plays piano, sings, tends to her animals, rides her horse… she makes her own freaking butter and cheese! She is Superwoman! Love ya sis!

I have some other people I treasure in my life… I think they know who they are 😉

  1. What’s your biggest goal in life right now?

Right this very minute? To get this post done, to schedule several more and to drag my ass into the shower!

As for in a broader context… I really never make plans or set goals. I float. I fly. Free and easy is my style!

  1. What was your family like growing up?

About as opposite to The Cosby Show/The Waltons/Little House on the Prairie as you can imagine!

Bonus: What is one thing about you that would surprise us?

I do a pretty mean Cher impersonation!



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8 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday

  1. Tough questions. Whenever I’m asked a ‘favourite’ of anything I find it hard to answer as that changes from one day to the next- food, music, films, books… Just too many grand things out there to be definitive.
    I met my old man at a similar age- twenty to be precise. And seeing as I’m staring 46 in the face… Jeez! That’s a hell of a long time. I’d like to say it seems like only yesterday, but the mirror would make me a liar 🙂

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