Word for Wednesday (W4W) #12


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I was inspired by Frannie Frankfurter‘s recent post, where I discovered this lovely word. However, strictly speaking, I would be fibbing if I said I really actually ever felt it.

I took those photographs on Xmas day a couple of years ago in the woods close to my house. I was not alone, I was accompanied by the OH and Lily, (AKA The Love Of My Life).  In fact, I am not sure if I have ever been alone in any woods!

But, my point is that I don’t need to be alone to experience these wonderful feelings of peace, quiet, tranquility, serenity and calm.

For me, trees are very spiritual, majestic and mysterious things. I feel very close to nature in general, but trees do something to me inside that I am struggling to put into words.

Standing next to a tree, I am reminded how very small and insignificant I am in the greater scheme of things. I am awe-struck how such a giant, regal, magnificent thing as an oak has grown from a tiny acorn that could rest in the palm of a child’s hand.

Even in the company of others, when I am surrounded by trees I feel as if the trees and I are connected somehow. I find it easy to disconnect from everything else around me and just absorb the energy in the woods and feel rejuvenated by it.

This tree has existed long before I did and will continue to exist long after I die.

It has witnessed history.

It has seen lovers come and go, perhaps sitting beneath it’s sheltering branches, sharing tender moments, or perhaps it was where hearts were broken.

It keeps their secrets.

It has withstood changes in weather, possibly even climate.

It has survived the threats from our increasingly polluted world.

It has been home to countless baby birds, squirrels, insects and bats.

It has provided shelter from rain and wind, or shade from burning sunlight.

I look up at it and wonder all the things it has seen and heard.

And yes… I do hug trees! Life is too short not to.

Promise me you will wrap your arms around the next amazing tree you see, press your cheek into it’s rough bark, breathe in it’s woody scent and feel the warm heartbeat of the earth against your chest. It’s glorious!

I might have outed myself as a complete tree-hugging loony here, but, in all honesty if that’s the case, then you simply haven’t being paying attention!

Now people… off with you! Go hug a tree!



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Word for Wednesday (W4W) #11


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I have several American friends on Twitter and the fact that we are separated by a common language makes me giggle at times.

My gorgeous pal Felicity and I were Skyping one day and she said something along the lines of “I’ll smack your fanny“… don’t ask me why… our chats have a meandering randomness to them which defies logic.

She questioned why I laughed so hard at her statement and I explained to her that over here, fanny is a term for lady parts, not bum, as it is in America. I told her that if she said to an Irish or English person that she would smack their fanny they would be horrified, (or turned on, depending on their level of kinkiness!). She thought this was hilarious. We then went on to discuss the Americanism ‘fanny pack’ which we call ‘bum bag’ here. I’ve always giggled at the term fanny pack because, to me, it sounds like a gynaecological procedure, not a pouch for carrying your cash in.

There are many more terms and phrases that hold very different meanings here and in the US, maybe I will follow them up one day in another W4W.

In the meantime, take note!




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TMI Tuesday


This weeks TMI Tuesday!

1. April 1 is April Fool’s Day (All Fools Day), a Western tradition of pulling pranks and hoaxes.

– Did you play any April Fool’s jokes on someone?

This year? Nope.

– Were you the victim of an April’s Fool prank this year?

Again… nope!

– What is the best April Fool’s hoax you’ve ever pulled?

Epic! I had my colleagues convinced about a new work rule that our boss was putting in place to the point of them almost taking industrial action… I told them I was kidding before the boss showed up!

2. What is your favorite unusual or non-traditional holiday to observe?

I generally don’t buy in to what I think are randomly appointed holidays… I guess maybe I enjoy things like the OH’s birthday and our anniversaries of when we met and got hitched… I celebrate those and make a fuss on those days.

3. Do you observe any unique local or family tradition holidays? Briefly tell us about this holiday.

Well, being Irish, we have St. Patrick’s Day, which is mostly just an excuse to get hammered!

4. April is National Poetry Month. Share your favorite poem with TMI Tuesday or write a poem and share.

It is impossible for me to choose just one poem! That is like asking me to choose a favourite child… Sophie’s Choice!

How Do I Love Thee?

When You Are Old

Canal Bank Walk

And Still I Rise

Everything ever written by Wendy Cope

5. This month is also Stress Awareness Month. What stresses you on a daily basis?

So much! My dogs barking, not having enough time, rude people…

6. April is National Humor Month. Name 3 stand-up comics or comedic actors who make you laugh?

Tommy Tiernan

Louis CK

Victoria Wood

7. April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day in the United States, however, it can and should be celebrated all over the world. How will you celebrate Jelly Bean Day?

I don’t actually like Jelly Beans! Sorry…

Bonus: The flower for the month of April is the Daisy. How or what do you feel about daisies?

Love them! To me they are like a decoration for a lawn. I always ask the OH to mow around them and not disturb them in my back garden. I remember making daisy-chains as a child and wearing daisy-chain necklaces and bracelets.

Pretty little flowers!


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Happy Anniversary to ME!!!!!


They say time flies when you’re having fun and I’ve been having so much that my WP anniversary passed me by!


Last year, on April 18th, I posted my very first blog entry on KittyKatBitsandBobs!

I am kicking myself for not marking the date by doing something special on here… I must think up something über fast and try to post it tomorrow. Bear with!

I have had a simply amazing year here.

I have shared myself entirely here with you guys and gals. You know all about my life, my loves, my peeves, my passions and my faults. I offered you me, warts and all, and, (thank you all so much), you didn’t run away in horror!

I have read articles, stories and poetry that has entertained and inspired me.

I have met fascinating new people and made many new friends, not least of which is my absolute bestie Felicity. Thank you WP!

I have gained new followers and readers and have expanded my audience.

I bravely ventured into the world of erotica writing, which has become my passion.

I have stepped outside my comfort zone by posting #SinfulSunday photographs, which in all honesty has only boosted my self-esteem, thanks to the kind and generous comments I received in response to them.

I have tried out poetry and haiku, which have been well received.

I have enjoyed taking WP courses, and learned so much from them.

I have linked to Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter and made even more new friends!

I have recently been accepted as a Huffington Post blogger, so watch out for more news on that front!

So far, my blogging experience has been nothing but positive, enriching and rewarding. I am delighted I took that first step last year and plunged in. Anyone reading this today who is toying with the idea of writing or blogging, I say… DO IT! You might surprise yourself with what pours out once you begin typing. I have certainly found that I have learned a  lot about myself this past year. Writing is free therapy… why not have a go?

I want to say a very big, very sincere thank you to everyone to has ever took the time to read anything I have written, whether it was my rants, my silly ideas, my filth or my verse… and if you took time to comment? even more gratitude flows in your direction!

I am excited to see what this second year of blogging brings. I am sure it is going to be a wonderful adventure. I do hope you will stay with me as I journey into it.

Much love…



One last request… Please do tell me what you would like more of from me… erotica, poetry, serious stuff, silly stuff? I am thinking of including some photography of mine, so let me know if that would interest you.

Ask, and I will do my best to deliver whatever you want. I always aim to please!

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Character Sketch – Depression

A brilliant depiction of depression.

Felicity Johns

No one noticed she was gone. Or if they did, they said nothing about it. She left long before she left.

The light went out of her eyes first. She told those she was close to she felt tired, that her body hurt all the time.  Her words left next. She had no energy, no desire to communicate. Then her physical presence left. Her presence at functions, her presence through phone or correspondence – people knew she was still there, but they took her silence as needing to be alone. Her closest friends reached out, to be met with silence.

She didn’t blame them. No one wants to be around negativity. Sadness is insidious. It reaches into the core of a person like a cancer. Or perhaps that was just her. She told someone far away, too far away to be of any physical assistance, she couldn’t fight any longer…

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