Word for Wednesday (W4W) #10


I have reached my 10th W4W! Yay!

I hope you are all enjoying the meme and continue to join in.

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This week’s word is…


I suffer from insomnia quite frequently. I have done since my teens.

Sometimes I get out of bed and make a drink, watch tv, read or surf the net. Other times I lie there, like a sack of potatoes, thinking and analysing and day (night) dreaming.

I had a very bad incidence on Monday night.

I went to bed at around 9.30, read until after 11 and turned off my light… Aaaaaaaaand lay there.

ALL night!

I was awake the entire night, cuddling my dog Poppy and letting my mind run free.

During the course of the night I came up with a word for my W4W. I thought it was a wonderful word! Perfect!

I remember thinking how I would approach writing my post, the points I wanted to make, the examples I wanted to use…

Trouble is I cannot for the life of me remember the word itself!

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I am left wondering whether, in my sleep deprived state, I created a word that actually doesn’t exist.

I think it was some sort of synonym for being on the edge, poised, perched… I am sure it began with the letter P and had several syllables.

I googled synonyms, I asked the OH, I asked my very clever and the walking dictionary herself best friend… Nothing.

So… rather than discuss my amazing but elusive, possibly non-existent, word I will offer this week the word that means not being able to recall a precise word… Lethologica.

It is happening more and more frequently to me these days, as is entering a room with no idea why I did so and standing in the supermarket wondering what on earth I needed to buy.

It seems my senior moments are really kicking in. Maybe I need to take up Sudoku or crosswords? Words With Friends anyone?

If I ever figure out what my mystery word was I will let you know!

Join in guys… tell me about your senior moments or struggles to remember words or tasks.



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21 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #10

  1. Ah, this is grand- well, you’ve written a great post about a horrible night. And a great word too- never heard of it, but I wiil endeavour to use it as it is so apt in our house- names of people, places, TV programmes- all vanish into the ether. What was it again? Leth… letho… it’s no good, it’s gone.
    Had a great waking dream a few weeks ago- had this brilliant novel idea, the most original and perfectly complete idea I’ve ever had. It was so lovely, I just KNEW I would remember it in the morning. Course, I’d forgotten every detail just as the sun rose…
    Here’s my effort for the day- Minced Oaths and why I love’em 🙂

    • Oh dear! I’m that one on the bus!
      Have you heard of feck? Fecker? It’s the Irish mild version of fuck.
      Hope I don’t offend your sensitive nature when I say my fav is motherfucker! Don’t unfollow me please!
      Kat x

      • I’ll be moving away from you on the bus then, so I can read my book in peace 🙂
        Ooh, ‘feck’s a good one. I first heard it on Father Ted years ago- at the time, I thought the writers had made it up for the programme!
        Nothing wrong with a good swear. I find people’s reactions to my swearing weird- I don’t swear that much, but when I do people look shocked, as if a 46 year old florist has to be polite at all times.
        I aim to swear more as I age.
        I want to be an old lady who turns the air blue and bashes young people out of the way with her Zimmer frame- joy 🙂

  2. This doesn’t fit what you described but maybe…if you were half awake,half asleep…precipice – on a precipice.
    Full Definition of PRECIPICE
    1: a very steep or overhanging place
    2: a hazardous situation; broadly : brink

    I would do this if searching for a word wouldn’t take me FOREVER. Maybe my word should be indecisive, perfectionist, unsatisfied… : )

  3. Well Kittykat you are not alone. I too suffer from your word for Wednesday: Lethologica. I have the word in my mind and a minute later it’s gone. It so pisses me off. I can also be talking to someone and in mid-sentence I will forget the word that I wanted to use. That Fucking pisses me off more than anything.

    So Kitty Kat I think We have what’s called the fucking, or in your case Fecking pisses me off disease. Hugs!! 🙂

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