Word for Wednesday (W4W) #11


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I have several American friends on Twitter and the fact that we are separated by a common language makes me giggle at times.

My gorgeous pal Felicity and I were Skyping one day and she said something along the lines of “I’ll smack your fanny“… don’t ask me why… our chats have a meandering randomness to them which defies logic.

She questioned why I laughed so hard at her statement and I explained to her that over here, fanny is a term for lady parts, not bum, as it is in America. I told her that if she said to an Irish or English person that she would smack their fanny they would be horrified, (or turned on, depending on their level of kinkiness!). She thought this was hilarious. We then went on to discuss the Americanism ‘fanny pack’ which we call ‘bum bag’ here. I’ve always giggled at the term fanny pack because, to me, it sounds like a gynaecological procedure, not a pouch for carrying your cash in.

There are many more terms and phrases that hold very different meanings here and in the US, maybe I will follow them up one day in another W4W.

In the meantime, take note!




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22 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #11

  1. Ha ha! Yes, I’ve heard this on British TV. When I think of the word, I hear Robert Sheehan saying it, I don’t know why.
    There is a store around here called Frugal Fannie’s and it makes me laugh. I don’t know what they were thinking.

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  3. Ha! Divided by a common language, eh?

    I often have to check myself even now, when watching and American film and someone mentions taking their ‘pants’ off- they’re doing WHAT? I didn’t know it was THAT kind of film! Oh, they’re taking off their trousers… okay.

    The best is the book ‘Fanny by Gaslight’. The heroine IS called Fanny, but it is about Victorian prostitution. Just imagine, long evenings by the fire, tired of playing the piano, mother decides to entertain the gathering with her ‘Fanny by Gaslight.’ Super!

    My W4W is dark, sinister and terrifying- think Stephen King’s it, think candy floss (cotton candy to our American cousins.) Think nightmares so bad you may never sleep again…

  4. Oh god, this made me laugh all over again! Great one, Kat! And I think what I said was, “Well smack my fanny and call me Doris.” 😉 I say it often, but now, it makes me stop and laugh at myself!

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