Word for Wednesday (W4) #13


Ooooh! Unlucky number 13! Lucky for me I don’t buy into that bullshit…

Play along and join in! Here’s how.

This week’s words is…


Now… I assumed people knew what this word meant. I threw it into a conversation with an American friend of mine and her blank response surprised me. She had no idea what a merkin was! So, yes, I  had the honour of popping her “merkin cherry” and gently explained what it was.

She laughed so hard! Her response was, “Why on earth?! Just WHY?!” At which point I, of course(!), proceeded to search online for merkins and discovered the weird and wonderful shapes and styles available… and they aren’t cheap people! Butterflies, palm trees, moustaches, four leaf clovers, lightening strikes, you name it and you can buy it!

I am not sure why people use merkins to be honest… If wanted a lightening strike shape I’m pretty sure my Gillette could do the job.

Perhaps people look upon them they way others do make up or spectacles… It’s just fun to change things up every now and then? Perhaps one day she feels like rocking a shocking pink pussy cat’s face and another day feels more like a black handle bar moustache? Hmmm… Maybe I’m seeing the point after all! Where’s my credit card again?

After finding several designs online, and giggling like silly schoolgirls about them, I had to explain to her one thing myself and other Irish and UK people have always found hysterical.

Former President Goerge ‘Dubya’ Bush always opened his pubic, sorry public addresses with the delightful phrase, “My fellow ‘Merkins”, and for eight years he made us laugh… Every. Single. Time.

He not only referred to his country men and women pubic wigs but classed himself as one too… Maybe a pretty little Star Spangled Banner style? 🇺🇸

So, yes today’s word is a silly one but it made me giggle and I hope it might do the same for you.

(Admit it! You are sooooo gonna go google Merkin shops now aren’t you?!)



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10 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4) #13

  1. Yeah, I knew of the word too, and what it was, but only for its use in movies…never thought of changing things up so frequently… I have to look and see what’s out there!

  2. And I assumed everyone below middle age went Brazilian! I knew they were popular during the Tudor period-like they didn’t have enough problems with body lice/ crabs and other infestations they needed to import false hair too? Nutters.
    Had no idea people bought them these days- for fun. Lord, I have enough worries keeping on top of my chin hairs…
    How about a nice brown number with ‘WELCOME’ printed in a jolly red colour? Hmm, maybe not.
    Lovely post and a great word. ‘W’ would be proud.
    My input for today could be linked to your own- one thing leading nicely on to the other…


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