Word for Wednesday #15


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I love this word! Say it aloud and feel it on your tongue, how much your lips need to move to utter it… it feels full doesn’t it? it feels like what it describes…

In a world where it is all too easy to focus on the negative, on what we are lacking, on what we want but do not have, I think we perhaps need to focus on what we DO have.

I have love in abundance in my life. I have the OH who loves me. My dogs and I are crazily in love with each other. I have family that, although I do not see them often, I love and that love me. I have amazing friends who I can laugh with and lean on when I need to. Yes, I have love in abundance.

I have an abundance of laughter in my life also. I laugh every day, (unless I am in a depression phase), and I love to make other people laugh too. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I’ve entertained someone and brightened their day.

I look out onto my garden and see abundance in my beautiful lilac, which is overflowing with blooms, the branches weighed down under the burden of them. My other plants are not yet as developed but I know I can look forward to next month where they will be gloriously full and generously decorating my outside space.

I tend to plant scented flowers; lilac, daphne, stock, alyssum, roses, herbs… so, not only are my eyes filled with beauty but there is a heady abundance of complimentary fragrances that linger in different parts of the garden. A gentle breeze can result in a different concoction of them, every time creating a new, original perfume to enjoy.

I have two beautiful little blue tits nesting in my bird house, and I suspect they are raising their new family. I make sure to leave out plenty of fat balls and peanuts to help them. I want them to think of my garden as a well stocked pantry for them. Abundant with food for them and their little babies.

The abundance of beauty in my garden is something I am truly grateful for.

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As regular readers know, I am prone to bad days where the black dog comes back to sit heavily on my chest, weighing down on me and making it hard to breathe. On those dark days I try to remember the abundance of good things I have in my life. The love and laughter and beauty that is around me.

If you are having a hard time right now, maybe try to stop and mentally check in for the good things you have. It might be very hard to see them, almost impossible sometimes, but you know what? If you look, you will see there is love and light and, one day, you will feel better and when you do, recognise the abundance of the good things, file it away to brighten the darker days when they come along.

Here’s to plenty, to abundance!



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25 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday #15

  1. Beautiful post! That is a fabulous word 🙂 But me and my dirty mind are dying to know… um… what are ‘fat balls’ you leave out for the birds? Seriously, no idea! But reading it made me giggle like a schoolgirl! 😛 It was the whole sentence, really, that got me going…

  2. A really fulsome word – full of juiceyness. Thanks for such a lovely post – you cheered me up just reading it.
    Your garden sounds beautiful. I’ve been trying to pep mine up, filling it with as many bee-friendly flowers as poss. Planted Verbena bonariensis for the first time last year and it was covered in bees for the whole summer – joy 🙂 The garden is definitely the place to go if you’re feeling low – the plants, the birds and insects, the sounds – along with writing it’s my therapy.

    My W4W is a place of mystery and possible terror – some girls’ best friend but not mine 🙂

  3. 20 May 2015 – Abundance

    A BUM dance!

    Grass skirt keeps swaying,
    a circular motion.
    Stirring up trouble,
    a noisy commotion!

    A BUM dance!


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