Word for Wednesday (W4W) #20

Wow! Up to the 20th W4W already!  Play along here!

This week’s word is…


The, (in my humble opinion), woefully untalented E.L. James has released her “new” novel Grey due to “popular demand”…

First of all… really????? Popular demand? People actually requested this? Any hope I have for the future of civilisation is seriously challenged by the idea that people wanted to read more of her cliché-ridden, misinformed and badly researched drivel.

Secondly, I put new in parentheses because this simply is not a new novel. It is a lazy, copy and paste job with some mind-numbing extra material which is meant to portray the inner world of the very wooden billionaire, Christian Grey, who actually comes across as the dullest goddamned sociopath ever… like ever!

Lastly, I have been delighted with some of the reactions people have had towards the book, and to one scene in particular.


This, my lovely readers, is what is called figging: the BDSM practice of inserting a piece of peeled ginger root into either the anus or vagina in order for the essential oils to cause a burning/stinging sensation that some people find highly arousing. It can also be used as a punishment technique.

People unfamiliar with the term seemed very freaked out by the idea, and the internet exploded with their reactions…


I read these reactions and laughed out loud!

It just tickled me that people were so shocked. I guess they are not famialr with Ugol’s Law either:a law first stated by Harry Ugol in the Usenet newsgroup alt.sex.bondage which holds that if there’s some kink you have or something turns you on, no matter how strange or bizarre it may be, you’re not the only one who has that kink. Commentary: I receive a great deal of email from these pages; much of it along the lines of “I didn’t realize other people had the same fantasies and ideas that I do!” The nice thing about living in a world of six billion people is that, no matter how weird or bizarre your turn-ons may be, yes, there are other people like you.”*

One thing I LOVE about people is that no matter how weird you may think you are, you are never the only one to feel like that. I love that, no matter what freaky thing your mind can imagine, no matter how “out there” it is, there is someone else that has thought the same thing at one time or another. This is strangely reassuring to know that I think.

So, if you have ever looked at a piece of ginger and wondered what it would feel like to peel it and pop it up your ass, fear not! you are not the only one. Whatever turns you on, whatever floats your boat, gets your rocks off, tickles your fancy, as long as it is not damaging or harming anyone else why feel bad about it? Life is short… live it however you want to.

And, in case you are wondering… nope! I have never and have no desire or intention to try figging out at all. The only way I want my ginger is in cake or cookie form thank you very much!




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Word for Wednesday (W4W) #19


Do play… you know you want to!

This week’s word is…


Isn’t that a lovely sounding word? Isn’t the concept lovely too? The state of being drowsy or sleepy… zzzzz 😴

Uh… I long to feel somnolence… at bedtime please!

Hello, my name is Kat and I am an insomniac.

My bedtime routine:

  • Go to bed
  • Read
  • Take herbal relaxation remedies
  • Start to feel dozy
  • Turn off my light and…
  • BANG!
  • Wide a-fucking-wake!

So I lie there, trying to not stress about the fact that my somnolence has decided to piss right off to who knows where. I keep my eyes closed, do visualisation and relaxation exercises, breathe, avoid looking at the clock. After a while, it becomes very clear that sleep is about as likely to happen as my cell phone ringing with Leonardo Di Caprio on the line asking me to run away with him on his yacht. At this point I usually need to get up to use the bathroom, and from here on in, this trip happens on the hour, every hour, (yes, I’ve wondered if I am actually a 55 year old man with prostate issues…), until around 4am when I decide I might as well go downstairs and see if anyone is on the Twitter machine.

I usually return to bed around 5-5.30 to lie there waiting for the OH alarm to go off, when it’s time for me to make him a cup of tea. I am resigned to the fact that the following day is pretty much fucked due to my fatigue, crankiness, discombobulation and the intense, insatiable hunger pangs I will experience all day.

(FYI,the hunger is a real thing you guys… here is the science behind it, if you are interested… yes, I’m a science geek!)

I have read all the sleep hygiene rules, and we even, wait for it… took the TV out of the bedroom. Nada.

What’s more, if I can sleep, it is only under precise conditions…

  • Total darkness; blackout blinds are a necessity.
  • Total silence; sharing a bed with a snorer that can be heard downstairs from the bedroom means I buy a lot of ear plugs.
  • Cool cotton or linen sheets; sweaty polycotton or anything less than 100% natural is a no-no.
  • A duvet that is ‘just right’; too hot, (last night), too cold… either way it, wrecks any hope of sleep.

The OH calls me “The Princess and the Pea’ and yet… he introduced not one, but two dogs into our bed.

You seriously would not believe the disruption caused by a teeny tiny Bichon and a very small Cavachon in your bed. We bought a very, vulgarly, outrageously, expensive bed and mattress, the stuff the likes of which NASA would envy, kingsize… and yet we both cling to the edge of the bed like limpets as the two canines crawl around, scratch, make their ‘nests’ and dream-bark.

Poppy in particular likes to wake you at any goddamned time she sees fit by licking your face/toes/ear…

Lily has taken to sleepwalking and, after a little thump signalling she has jumped ship, can often be found at the side of the bed with a manic gleam in her eyes and a massive grin on her little face, panting like a demon.

So, yes, I chose the word somnolence, for a sensation that I do experience, just not at the times I want to experience it.

Wish me luck tonight people… Hey! Maybe I’ll be back here at 4am seeing if any of you are on? Laters!



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30 Day Self Esteem Challenge 08

Day 8: The last time you smiled when someone complimented you.  What was the compliment and why did you smile?

Well, the OH is lovely enough to tell me daily that he thinks I’m beautiful… not that I believe it!

Yesterday I was having one of those days… you know, feeling fat, frumpy, ugly and just plain gross. So, naturally, I did what we all do these days; I announced it to Twitter.

I left the house to run some errands and on my return found so  many replies to my tweet, telling me I am “beautiful/wonderful/gorgeous/stupendous/lovely/etc/etc” which made me smile.

I wasn’t smiling because my friends thought those things about me… after all they are hardly likely to reply, “Yeah! You are gross Kat!”

I was touched that so many of them took time out of their day to try to cheer me up and make me feel better about myself. I felt that people cared about me and my well-being and what more can any of us ask for than that? To matter to people…

I am still feeling gross today. A demoralising shopping trip to buy a new bra certainly didn’t help my body image issues. But yesterday, for a short while, reading the lovely supportive comments from my friends, I smiled.

If any of them are reading this… thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Your kindness meant so much to me.



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Word for Wednesday (W4W) #18

Play along with me and ping back!

This week’s word is…


I love talking to my bestie… I just enjoy the banter and exchange, the laughs and sharing our lives, our fears, concerns and worries.

One thing about talking to her that gives me particular joy is our common language that separates us so often. I have already used a chat between her and I for a W4W.

Another funny miscommunication happened just this morning.

Along with sex, the topic that we discuss most of all, (actually, more than sex), is food. We are both women who LOVE our food. We share a tendency to get ridiculously over-excited about what we are going to eat, (Feli has been known to reach dizzy heights of excitement over leftovers… a story for another day).

Every day we share with each other what we plan for our evening meals… Our 5 hour time difference means I often wake up to a photo of whatever delicious delight she concocted the previous evening, and I routinely send her pics of my dinners to drool over.

This morning she described how she had barbecued a whole chicken last night, to which I responded that I had considered spatchcocking my chicken last night but decided against it… (and yeah I used that very poor pun).

This is her reply…


Yes, that’s my lovely, filthy-minded bestie right there!

I took the higher road, (unusual for me), and explained to her what it means…


I then received an email entitled “molested chicken”, showing the poor fowl in all it’s barbecue roasted glory, indeed spatchcocked and looking mouthwateringly good.


Seems she remains married to the kinkier interpretation of spatchcocking.

I love her! She can make me laugh way too much.

I just told her that she has once again inspired a W4W and here is our exchange…


Seriously, why don’t we have our own show like these chicks? Wouldn’t you guys tune in?!

I have no doubts that I will be sharing more of our weird and wonderful chats with you  guys and gals.

Hope they make you giggle too!

p.s. (I did share the “an angry cock is a scary thing” story with you all didn’t I?!)



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30 Day Self Esteem Challenge 07

Day 7: When do you feel best about yourself?  Why?

On a superficial level I felt best about myself when I was thinner… ah those were the days…

These days, I feel best about myself when I am making the OH laugh out loud or when he makes me laugh uncontrollably, which he does frequently.

I love to laugh and I love it even more if I can make someone else laugh. There is no better feeling ever… well, maybe except for orgasms…



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30 Day Self Esteem Challenge 06

Day 6: Something about the way I just am that I like

At the risk of being repetitive…

I like that I am a friendly person, that genuinely likes other people and finds them endlessly fascinating.

This, coupled with my very curious nature, lead me to study psychology in university, a topic I am still passionate about to this day. There is nothing as interesting to me as other human beings; how we ‘work’, how we think, process and learn, how we feel, how we interact, communicate and understand each other and the world around us.

Child psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, occupational psychology, the psychology of ageing and dying, counselling psychology,neuroscience… to some degree I have studied all of them and was unable to pick a speciality to settle on, despite several opportunities to study further.

I think I am a ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to my fascination with people.

I love reaching out, connecting and building new friendships, learning about people. I love people watching, eavesdropping, and imagining who they are, what they do, what their lives are like. I love keeping up to date on research, which is ongoing and seemingly endless in it’s potential to uncover new facts about us and our truly incredible brains.

So, that’s one thing about the way I am that I like…

I am hard-wired to love and to seek to understand other people.

C’est moi!





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