Word for Wednesday (W4W) #17


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Today’s word is…


I wrecked my head trying to define time without using the actual word… time! Think about it… right?!

So, I did what we all do: Google!


And then I felt pretty dumb for not being able to define time without using the word time! Doh!



Time is precious.

We never seem to have enough of it, right? At least I don’t.

And, annoyingly, as I never seem to have enough of it, I am very, very careless with the time I do have.

I waste sooooo much time!

Hang on… How do we ‘waste’ time? Is it really wasted? If we are doing something, whatever it is, is that actually time wasted? I spend far too much time online; either chatting on twitter, reading blogs, writing my blogs, or simply browsing through various websites, one of which, funnily enough, is called, I Waste So Much Time!

Why do I think of this as ‘wasted’ time?

Twitter is just me chatting to my friends; that isn’t wasted time!

Reading and writing blogs certainly isn’t wasted time… I read for pleasure and to become a better writer myself. I write to express my thoughts, opinions and to get some creative release.

Browsing on websites… hmmm, possibly that IS wasting time, but hey! they are funny or informative sites, so shoot me!

I guess, unless we are actively doing something productive or that we are paid for, we think of what we do as wasting time… which I think is being pretty hard on ourselves. I think we need to waste time sometimes, you know? It’s when we allow ourselves to chill out, recharge, be lazy. That’s necessary, in my opinion.

Sigh… I have a pile of ironing ahead of me, a meal to cook, cleaning to do… and I just want to stay writing, reading, chatting all day. I want to ‘waste’ my time today but I can’t. Those shirts need to be ironed, that meal needs to be prepared and the house needs cleaning.

Maybe I’ll try to get through it all super fast and enjoy more time wasting once I’ve done all my Domestic Goddess duties? Yeah! Better fuck off and get these chores done people!

Then I can waste all the time I want!



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20 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #17

  1. Perfect! I’m with you on this one. I think anything you do that you enjoy is time well-spent! Perhaps the only time squandered is time spent on people who don’t deserve it, or on things we don’t enjoy and serve no purpose? Like eating turnip greens!!! 😉 lol

  2. Absolutely agree – I spend way too much time writing my blog posts and reading other people’s. But I do like to get the posts right (or as ‘right’ as I’m capable :)), and there are just a lot of great things to read online, dammit! And time can never be wasted if you’re enjoying yourself – I’d rather be reading blogs than ironing, anyway!
    I predict my W4W will be my most popular post ever – I’ve read it in a baked ass’s head and baked ass is never wrong 🙂

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