30 Day Self Esteem Challenge 02

Once again thanks to Cara over at Voluptuouscara for this challenge.

I hope you all play along and together we will lift our combined self esteem skyward!

Day 2: A physical feature I like about myself

Hmmmmm… Okaaaay…

I stand at a grand height of 5’0″ and I actually love it!

Many shorter people seem to want to be taller, more leggy, longer.

Most short women, (and plenty of taller ones for that matter), wear high heels. I own ONE pair of heels and, trust me, I don’t walk in them, if you get my drift… They have never seen life outside of the bedroom. Oops! I fib… they’ve been downstairs too!

I live in my Converse or flat biker boots. I need to wear footwear that will allow me to make a get away if needs be. I am unable to walk in heels, let alone run. In fact, capturing my Sinful Sunday photos of my high heels was a semi-comic event, whereby I stood, balancing as best I could whilst begging the OH to “Take the goddamned pic already!”

I enjoy being short.

I can weave easily in and through crowds, often leaving the OH far behind and struggling catch up to me. I get to buy my shoes in the kids department, thus avoiding VAT… although having an Irish size 2 shoe size definitely limits my selection choices. Thankfully, Converse do a kids range!

Finding clothes can be challenging but it’s possible. Reaching higher shelves in shops leaves me usually looking around, all damsel in distress style for a taller person to assist me. I can look comical in some armchairs with my feet swinging high above the floor, or at high tables and, yes, I have a child’s car booster seat so I can comfortably sit at my kitchen table. But I embrace it. I think it’s a cute and a unique part of me.

There are many things I would happily change about my body, (I know this not the place to discuss that), but my height has never been one of them.

As I say on my Twitter bio… Good things come in small packages!



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9 thoughts on “30 Day Self Esteem Challenge 02

  1. 🙂
    Good for you!
    For the record, I don’t wear heels often, and never the stiletto sort. Granted, I’m much taller (5’8″-5’9″). But I don’t usually enjoy walking around in heels, they hurt my back if I stay in them too long…
    However, if I wear heels, they’re the ones I go dancing in. So they have to be stable enough 🙂

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