Five Photos/Five Stories Challenge… Meet The Family

Meet Hugo!

Sometime around March the OH and I noticed our little birdhouse, which has laid empty for years, had new inhabitants.

Two beautiful little blue tits were busy flying in and out of it during all the daylight hours. I was overjoyed that finally the house was being used as I had hoped it always would be.

I took great delight watching them go about their business from my kitchen window or whilst sitting out on the patio. I decided to call them Oscar and Emily and suspected they had eggs inside the house.

Fast forward some weeks and, early one evening whilst sharing some wine on our patio, we heard faint little sounds coming from the birdhouse. The OH says my eyes nearly popped out of my head with excitement at the thought that there were wee babies inside!

We sat out most evenings listening as the chirps got louder and stronger, up to the point of them drowning out all other noise in the garden. I was so excited and desperately hoped I wouldn’t miss the babies flying the coop.

This morning, the OH was out in the garden taking Poppy for her bathroom break and he tapped loudly on the kitchen window, beckoning me outside. Dressed still in my PJ bottoms and a very tiny string top I ran out to the back garden.

“There’s a chick on the ground!” he said, which sent panic through me as I thought he meant the poor thing was in trouble.

I was wrong! There he was, Little Hugo, a ball of fluff hiding amidst my flowers and weeds. Tears sprang to my eyes… silly I know but I was so happy to finally meet him, I couldn’t help it.

I can tell you that Hugo is the runt of the litter… his two siblings that we have spotted, Charlotte and Sebastian, are much bigger and take flying much more in their stride. Little tiny Hugo seems happier on the ground, which is a worry as there are cats lurking around.

He is a brave little guy though. As the OH went back inside to fetch the camera, he flew about a foot towards me and hobbled over to be right next to me and Poppy, (who I had on a VERY tight and short lead), as if he wanted to say “Hi!”.

We took lots of photos, and, as you can see he was very happy to pose! We took some IG video too, the link is at the bottom of this post.

I am looking forward to hopefully watching him grow big and strong. His Mom, Emily and Dad, Oscar are feeding him constantly so I think he will thrive. I will keep an eye out for those pesky felines too!

I am off back out to see how he is doing…

IG Video here!



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