30 Day Self Esteem Challenge 06

Day 6: Something about the way I just am that I like

At the risk of being repetitive…

I like that I am a friendly person, that genuinely likes other people and finds them endlessly fascinating.

This, coupled with my very curious nature, lead me to study psychology in university, a topic I am still passionate about to this day. There is nothing as interesting to me as other human beings; how we ‘work’, how we think, process and learn, how we feel, how we interact, communicate and understand each other and the world around us.

Child psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, occupational psychology, the psychology of ageing and dying, counselling psychology,neuroscience… to some degree I have studied all of them and was unable to pick a speciality to settle on, despite several opportunities to study further.

I think I am a ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to my fascination with people.

I love reaching out, connecting and building new friendships, learning about people. I love people watching, eavesdropping, and imagining who they are, what they do, what their lives are like. I love keeping up to date on research, which is ongoing and seemingly endless in it’s potential to uncover new facts about us and our truly incredible brains.

So, that’s one thing about the way I am that I like…

I am hard-wired to love and to seek to understand other people.

C’est moi!





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5 thoughts on “30 Day Self Esteem Challenge 06

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  2. That part of your nature totally links in with your writing too.
    I’ve been a people watcher all my life. Many times when we’ve been out to dinner, I’ll be watching the body language of people at other tables – I’m especially fascinated by those couples you see who remain silent throughout their meal. They might make a passing comment about the food, but apart from that – silence. I’ll be thinking ‘what’s THAT relationship like? What are they like at home? Do they sleep in seperate beds?’ Watching the dynamic is fascinating.
    I know a few writers who have also taken psychology courses, or work in the field. We just love to see how people tick and then we can write about it!
    I started taking psychology at A level but by the first Christmas, the college told me to leave or they’d chuck me out. Spent more time hanging out at other people’s houses and smoking than going to college. Wastrel 🙂

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