Word for Wednesday (W4W) #19


Do play… you know you want to!

This week’s word is…


Isn’t that a lovely sounding word? Isn’t the concept lovely too? The state of being drowsy or sleepy… zzzzz 😴

Uh… I long to feel somnolence… at bedtime please!

Hello, my name is Kat and I am an insomniac.

My bedtime routine:

  • Go to bed
  • Read
  • Take herbal relaxation remedies
  • Start to feel dozy
  • Turn off my light and…
  • BANG!
  • Wide a-fucking-wake!

So I lie there, trying to not stress about the fact that my somnolence has decided to piss right off to who knows where. I keep my eyes closed, do visualisation and relaxation exercises, breathe, avoid looking at the clock. After a while, it becomes very clear that sleep is about as likely to happen as my cell phone ringing with Leonardo Di Caprio on the line asking me to run away with him on his yacht. At this point I usually need to get up to use the bathroom, and from here on in, this trip happens on the hour, every hour, (yes, I’ve wondered if I am actually a 55 year old man with prostate issues…), until around 4am when I decide I might as well go downstairs and see if anyone is on the Twitter machine.

I usually return to bed around 5-5.30 to lie there waiting for the OH alarm to go off, when it’s time for me to make him a cup of tea. I am resigned to the fact that the following day is pretty much fucked due to my fatigue, crankiness, discombobulation and the intense, insatiable hunger pangs I will experience all day.

(FYI,the hunger is a real thing you guys… here is the science behind it, if you are interested… yes, I’m a science geek!)

I have read all the sleep hygiene rules, and we even, wait for it… took the TV out of the bedroom. Nada.

What’s more, if I can sleep, it is only under precise conditions…

  • Total darkness; blackout blinds are a necessity.
  • Total silence; sharing a bed with a snorer that can be heard downstairs from the bedroom means I buy a lot of ear plugs.
  • Cool cotton or linen sheets; sweaty polycotton or anything less than 100% natural is a no-no.
  • A duvet that is ‘just right’; too hot, (last night), too cold… either way it, wrecks any hope of sleep.

The OH calls me “The Princess and the Pea’ and yet… he introduced not one, but two dogs into our bed.

You seriously would not believe the disruption caused by a teeny tiny Bichon and a very small Cavachon in your bed. We bought a very, vulgarly, outrageously, expensive bed and mattress, the stuff the likes of which NASA would envy, kingsize… and yet we both cling to the edge of the bed like limpets as the two canines crawl around, scratch, make their ‘nests’ and dream-bark.

Poppy in particular likes to wake you at any goddamned time she sees fit by licking your face/toes/ear…

Lily has taken to sleepwalking and, after a little thump signalling she has jumped ship, can often be found at the side of the bed with a manic gleam in her eyes and a massive grin on her little face, panting like a demon.

So, yes, I chose the word somnolence, for a sensation that I do experience, just not at the times I want to experience it.

Wish me luck tonight people… Hey! Maybe I’ll be back here at 4am seeing if any of you are on? Laters!



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29 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #19

  1. I feel your pain! I go through bouts of insomnia that last a few weeks at a time. Due to my picky sleep conditions, the pets got kicked out long ago! I am jealous of my elusive sleep 😉 The hubs is next! (muwahahaha!)

  2. Oh, how I feel for you!
    I have had that too often, though I usually managed to get a few hours of sleep in every night.
    A few facts: lying awake increases the production of urine, hence the ‘every hour on the hour’. And needing to pee (even if you can’t feel it, as I often couldn’t) prevents you from going to sleep…
    I agree with the hunger thing. Your body feels tired and thinks that you’re expereincing hypoglycemia, so sends hunger signals.
    What I used to do was this: Get up, go pee. I tried to meditate, but realised that my brain was often too alive for me to achieve any state of rest, even meditative. So I used to do some yoga poses, simple ones, stretches, the Triangle, the warrior, the tree… then a few leg reps, ad arm ones too, just to get the blood back to my limbs instead of pooling to my brain. After that, I was usually able to achieve some meditation, which led me to sleep.
    I thought that my problems were because I was lying next to someone I really didn’t want to sleep next to. I see that it’s not always the case. Unless it’s the dogs you really don’t want to sleep next to. I would seriously recommend finding a place for them to sleep that is not the bedroom…

    Good luck with today, and with tonight!

    (BTW: I feel somnolence during the day all too often, and then when comes the time for a reasoanble bedtime (say 10:30 or 11pm)… BAM, I’m wide awake! You’re not alone!).

    • Thanks dawn! That is interesting about the need to wee… Did not know that!
      I keep meaning to take up yoga… I have apps and everything! I need to actually do it.
      As for the dogs… I think that’s a lost cause. They REFUSE to sleep anywhere else. They have been totally spoiled by OH!
      Hope you sleep tonight too?

      • The need to wee is caused by the fact that your heart (still pumping strong because you’re not asleep, is level with your kidneys. There is a difference of pressure that makes more blood go through the kidneys when you’re lying. Or something 😉
        As for the dogs… They need to be taught who is the boss.
        I think I would say it’s the dogs or me. And mean it. No mater how much you love your pets, going through days without having slept properly the night before are certainly worth it.
        I do understand him not wanting you to sleep in a different room, because it’s nice to have the person you love to wake up next to.
        But maybe negociate at least one night away after 4 nights with less than 5 hours of sleep each? That way you would have no snoring and no dogs to keep you awake?
        I mean, it’s worth trying 🙂

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  4. I feel tired just reading this!
    Had a dreadful night again myself. Used to blame my bad sleeping on my son when he was a wean, then on menopausal symptoms – which with the palpitations, the sweats, the general feeling of anxiety and losing your mind, is a genuine reason for poor sleep.
    Now I’m on HRT and still sleep badly. Mind, my other half does too and sometimes takes meds for it – which make his snoring louder than the 5.45 to Kings Cross! Ear plugs help some nights, but not others.
    Oh, for the days when I slept a solid 7 or 8 hours – where did they go? And WHY do so many of us suffer from poor sleep? It’s just not fair 🙂
    Here’s my W4W post – a lovely word. All sweet and saucy and totally harmless (apart from the sex) https://lynnmlovewords.wordpress.com/
    Best of luck sleeping tonight – if I’m awake at 4 again, I shall be thinking of you x

      • Saw your comment – thank you, lovely. They decided I was actually post menopausal – at the age of 44! Hell on legs! It’s no fun, but pills make it allllll better 🙂 For now.
        Now – you are feeeling sleeeepy, very sleeeeepy ……… 🙂

      • You can spend some time on the peri spectrum before tipping over the menopausal edge, I believe, so hold on in there! I finally went to the quack when the periods stopped, but should have gone sometime during the years I wanted to kill people/ thought I was having a heart attack every night/ was convinced part of me was slipping away and being replaced by a total stranger. HRT’s not for everyone – I needed it as I’ve already got thin bones caused by Coeliac disease and if I wasn’t on it I’d snap like a twig in a few years time. Helped the other symptoms too, though 🙂

      • Ah, the joys of womanhood. I love a pill too, especially when it returns me to (something like) sanity. Just keep an eye on it and see how you feel. No harm in getting a hormone test done. All the best and stay healthy X

  5. ok, enough of the OH bashing! The dogs were driving us mad and waking the neighbours! Only solution was in the bedroom. Unfortunately they didn;t take the hint that the bed was for us and the floor was for them! So true about Lily though, folks, Kat has described that so real. Would be laughing at the image if I didn’t think I’d be getting a close up of her sleepy grin at about 4.00 in the morning!

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