Word for Wednesday (W4W) #20

Wow! Up to the 20th W4W already!  Play along here!

This week’s word is…


The, (in my humble opinion), woefully untalented E.L. James has released her “new” novel Grey due to “popular demand”…

First of all… really????? Popular demand? People actually requested this? Any hope I have for the future of civilisation is seriously challenged by the idea that people wanted to read more of her cliché-ridden, misinformed and badly researched drivel.

Secondly, I put new in parentheses because this simply is not a new novel. It is a lazy, copy and paste job with some mind-numbing extra material which is meant to portray the inner world of the very wooden billionaire, Christian Grey, who actually comes across as the dullest goddamned sociopath ever… like ever!

Lastly, I have been delighted with some of the reactions people have had towards the book, and to one scene in particular.


This, my lovely readers, is what is called figging: the BDSM practice of inserting a piece of peeled ginger root into either the anus or vagina in order for the essential oils to cause a burning/stinging sensation that some people find highly arousing. It can also be used as a punishment technique.

People unfamiliar with the term seemed very freaked out by the idea, and the internet exploded with their reactions…


I read these reactions and laughed out loud!

It just tickled me that people were so shocked. I guess they are not famialr with Ugol’s Law either:a law first stated by Harry Ugol in the Usenet newsgroup alt.sex.bondage which holds that if there’s some kink you have or something turns you on, no matter how strange or bizarre it may be, you’re not the only one who has that kink. Commentary: I receive a great deal of email from these pages; much of it along the lines of “I didn’t realize other people had the same fantasies and ideas that I do!” The nice thing about living in a world of six billion people is that, no matter how weird or bizarre your turn-ons may be, yes, there are other people like you.”*

One thing I LOVE about people is that no matter how weird you may think you are, you are never the only one to feel like that. I love that, no matter what freaky thing your mind can imagine, no matter how “out there” it is, there is someone else that has thought the same thing at one time or another. This is strangely reassuring to know that I think.

So, if you have ever looked at a piece of ginger and wondered what it would feel like to peel it and pop it up your ass, fear not! you are not the only one. Whatever turns you on, whatever floats your boat, gets your rocks off, tickles your fancy, as long as it is not damaging or harming anyone else why feel bad about it? Life is short… live it however you want to.

And, in case you are wondering… nope! I have never and have no desire or intention to try figging out at all. The only way I want my ginger is in cake or cookie form thank you very much!




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19 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #20

  1. What struck me about that extract was that if he just wanted to stop her clenching her buttocks, peeled giner root is not the most obvious or easily obtainable of objects to use. You know, like you want to stop the front door slamming so you block it with a dead rhinocerous…

  2. Ha! This is very funny. For a start, I’m quite a buttoned up gal, but even I can think of a lot worse and weirder things to put inside a handy orifice than a nice, fresh, zesty piece of ginger. In fact, a few stories from the eighties about certain big film stars of the time spring to mind …

    I’m unsurprised that Grey has done so well, though I don’t really see what’s so fascinating about reading the same story from his viewpoint – sounds a bit tedious really.

    In a way, good luck to E.L. James. I’m sure she never anticipated that her little self pub bit of titilation would grow into such a monster – now she’s just reaping the rewards while she can.
    But if the public want to read sauce, could they not read something better written?

    My W4W is creepier, even, than Christian Grey – at least it’s a good word to describe him x


  3. Hahaha. Surely everyone has heard of the very talented woman in a bar in Amsterdam who did unmentionable things to a banana and then gave it to members of the audience to eat (sold to the highest bidder I’m sure)? What would you call that? Not figging… bananaing? Never went there myself of course but am sure it was true, and I’m not keen on bananas, well not anymore.

  4. I’m just disappointed it doesn’t actually involve figs… I read figging, and I thought, ooh, sex and figs? Awesome!

    😉 Well done, sis! I always learn something new from you!

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