Bad Feminist

I simply HAD to share this TED talk with you all. I hope you watch it and please do tell me what you think.

I think she is such an impressive, passionate, intellegent, brave and funny woman and she makes excellent points.



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19 thoughts on “Bad Feminist

  1. Isn’t it sad, how the very word has become degraded? I don’t think I would ever dare describe myself as a feminist, even though I totally believe women should be treated equally – and we’re still not, even in the West. I’m a coward. I know what some people associate with feminism – as Roxane Gay says, ‘come out’ as a feminist and you open yourself to sneering derision. Even from other women.
    I know we have it much better than we used to – rape within marriage was only made illegal in the UK in the nineties: it’s not so long ago we had no rights over our own bodies, our money or our children. But there’s certainly an unpleasant undercurrent, a belittling of us that’s still evident.
    Did you see Mary Beard’s speech after she was trolled so appallingly on social networks? She was wonderful, highlighting the fact that (male) society just doesn’t like women to have a public voice or power. A quick look at any paper, at the comments female politicians and actresses get about their appearance, speaks volumes.
    I’ll shut up now.
    Thanks for posting, love – a great speech. x

    • I did see her! It was great.
      I am and always have been very proud to call myself a feminist. Please don’t think you can’t call yourself one. It is not dirty word. We need smart strong women, and mesh out it out loud. Come on Lynn! Say it! I am a feminist!

      • I love Mary Beard – her programmes are wonderful and she’s so gutsy and smart. Did you hear she also gave the block who was trolling her a job reference because she didn’t want a moment’s stupidity to ruin his life? The woman’s a legend.
        Okay – I’m a feminist. But a REALLY bad one πŸ™‚

  2. I am a feminist and always have been. I watched my Mom and the politics in society when Gloria Steinem was the leader. This was a great talk. I listened to my daughter talk about terms of feminism- “feminazi’s” and some other term I had never heard of and thought they were ridiculously divisive. Can’t one word mean all things? Can’t we call ourselves one thing yet have many purposes? Apparently not in this era but this Ted Talk reminded me that feminism is a lot more things than equality now. maybe that’s a result of women gaining power as compared to the early 70’s…and now it also includes women around the world more than it did way back when. Thank you for posting this. Your one link led me to this great one…and others :

    ( I was caught on Ted Talks for over an hour and it was great )

    • Thanks for sharing that! Wouldn’t the world be so different if we had more power? That was awesome.
      TED talks are addictive!
      I’m so glad you, like me, do not see feminist as a bad word! Proud to be one!
      Thanks Jayne x

      • I like to think it would be different in great ways but power can change people and that is the factor that causes me to have doubts. That woman definitely gives me hope though. I love Ted Talks. I really just wanted to send you the link because it was so good and I forget that a link becomes a video window. I’m really glad you liked it though. Jayne

      • Yes, that was a very powerful talk. I really liked that. Another subject – other show was this woman who wrote Learning to Walk in the Dark. I think the “B”s got me thinking of:
        Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor. She was on ?Master Class on the Oprah’s network. Powerfully positive perspective about facing your own life issues. I looked on Ted Talk for her first. I just found her name so I’ll check that on Ted Talks now. I may be lost over there for a day : )

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  4. I found this talk very interesting. Too bad I mistyped something, lost it and in the time needed to find the post again, I forgot what I wanted to say.
    I am a proud feminist. Not one who is opposed to men, I think men are great. But we have just as much value.
    Though it’s sadly funny that I can be a proud defender of other women and let my spouse abuse me and belittle me and degrade my sense of worth.
    Yesterday I had a talk with my dad who asked “How do women choose their husbands?” The question was “why did you choose this abusive husband”. I didn’t have the strength to explain that the fact I had been taught abuse by my father as a child didn’t help. I just couldn’t go there. Talk about a feminist! 😦

    • I am a proud feminist too and hate that some people think it is a bad word.
      I totally understand how you stay with an abusive partner… it is a multi layered and very complex issue and it is not simply a case of “why doesn’t she just leave?” People often do not understand how subtle the abuse can be to begin with and how corrosive it can be on your sense of self worth.
      And as for your father… it takes a lot of courage to confront old issues like that and you need no feel bad that you didn’t want to go there with him. Chances are he wouldn’t be able to ‘hear’ what you are saying anyway and you could end up more frustrated.
      You are a strong sassy woman, remember that.

      • Yes, as I discussed with my father on that day… you wonder “If I leave, what sort of life do I give my children?” And you are financially dependent. So you pretend everything is fine so as to be able to bear it. You think “at least he doesn’t beat me”. Though I’m sure that the people who have abusive partners find other reasons to justify the abuse… :-/
        You are right. My dad has changed so much that he isn’t the same person anymore. He probably preferred to forget what he did. To make it liveable for him too. It’s Ok. I love him πŸ™‚
        And thank you for your last line. I’ll try to remember! πŸ™‚

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