Word for Wednesday (W4W) #21

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I found this little image on The Berry’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” section and smiled. I never knew it existed before and it sums me up to a T!

The OH laughingly tells me all the time that I live in a bubble, in my own little world, where everything is just as I want it to be.

It’s true. I live in my head a lot.

I have always been a dreamer, an idealist, a hopeless optimistic, a glass half full, things will all work out in the end type of person.

I like being this way. I am sure if I wasn’t I couldn’t write they way I do. I wouldn’t have the very strong creative drive that I have. I wouldn’t be able to solve problems the way I do: I never accept that there is a certain ‘right’ way to think or do something. I will always ask “Why not?” and try a new approach.

I have never felt comfortable simply “fitting in” to any of society’s conventions. I have always lived my life on my terms, according to my principles and beliefs. I refuse to be told how to be, what to think, what to believe, simply because it is the ‘norm’.

I try to live my life with integrity.

A few people have commented on my openness on my blogs and on the fact that I don’t hide behind an anonymous avi on twitter. “What if someone from your real life finds you?” I have been asked, to which my answer is, “Why should I worry about that?” I am not breaking any laws, doing anything I feel I should be embarrassed about or ashamed of. I write erotic fiction that people seem to enjoy and I am pretty open about my sex life. What’s to be scared of? People have sex… it’s life!

I am who I am… this is me, take me or leave me.

So that is me… a “cloud walker”… (what a gorgeous turn of phrase!)

I happily live there, up in my head, dreaming and wondering and imagining, not bound by conventions, mores or norms. It is a good place to be!



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16 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #21

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  2. What a weird, lovely word. I’m not even sure how to pronounce it. To be honest, I think living in the clouds is the way to go – better than watching the news.
    I love how you describe your life – so many of us worry about what other people will think and it’s something I’m only gradually letting go of, now I’m mid-forties.
    Well done for living in cloud-cuckoo land – room for one more?
    My contribution to W4W is another weird word that I’ve only just discovered. Do you ken?

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