Not So Smart!

I was perched on my high stool at the kitchen counter with my beloved MacBookPro this morning, happily writing a #WickedWednesday story when an iMessage beeped on my iPad, (yep, I am an Apple girl!). I glanced down to check it and saw it was from none other than the OH himself, who incidentally I thought was in the house.


Turns out he was out tidying the car and had managed to get himself locked in.

I burst out laughing and ran to the front door, skidding to a halt halfway down the hall when I realised I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by. I scurried back to the counter and got the iPad…

I went out to the drive to see him hunched in the back seat, head in his hands, looking embarrassed and defeated. He saw the iPad in my hands and guessing my plan, promptly flipped me the bird. Shaking with laughter, it was all I could do to take the photo.


As I compose this he has just walked in, looked over my shoulder, (incidentally one of my all time pet hates!), and said, “What? You’re doing a fucking post about it?!”

As if I wouldn’t share this with my readers. The story and sight of a grown man who has shamefacedly locked himself in the back seat of his own car is not one to be kept for my eyes only.

He said he might have tried to climb into the front seat but the very likely possibility of getting stuck, (he is the least bendy person ever), Β and facing further humiliation outweighed the risk.

I simply told him he was lucky to have brought his phone along… the phone that’s sometimes smarter than him!



p.s. the man just FaceTimed from upstairs a second ago… seriously…

Copyright, 2015,Β
All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Not So Smart!

  1. I must admit, I chuckled at the prospect of him stuck between the two rows of seats. Sorry OH πŸ˜‰
    Glad everyone got out and is now happily going about their days, having just made mine a bit lighter πŸ™‚

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