Word for Wednesday (W4W) #28

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As some of you who read my other blog may know, I began a series of stories entitled Heat a while ago and simply fell in love with the characters and what I think lies ahead for them. I realised that, rather than letting the story flow, I was beginning to get very bogged down in the ‘logistics’, for want of a better word. I was obsessed with making sure certain information details added up, which was proving difficult while writing each part of the story in isolation to the ‘bigger picture’ I had in my head of how it all would end. I made the decision to step away and continue the narrative outside of the blog, with the hope of making it into something more than just a series of stories, dare I say it… (gulp!) a novella.

I expected this decision would free my little creative soul to the extent that my fingers would become numb from all the typing I thought I would be doing, desperate to get Elsa and Bill’s story down once and for all…


Instead I simply did nothing.

I struggled to come up with W4W, other erotica, any fiction at all really. I shut down.

I think this happens to any one who writes. We need that time to step back, just let things sit in the dark, fermenting away in our subconscious until they are ready to be taken back out and crafted into the final product.

This is where I am with Heat. After a month of zymurgy, I am ready to return to see what has bubbled to the surface.

This morning I took out four large A3 sheets of blank paper and, with my favourite green inked pen, begin tracing outlines, character developments, plot lines, conflicts etc. I have never taken this style of structured approach before and I am curious to see if I will find it beneficial or if it will cause me to freeze.

Either way, it is a first step and I’m excited to see where it leads.

After all Stephen King has been known to put down novels only to return to them years later and it hasn’t done him any harm at all!

I would love to hear from other writers as to whether they use the zymurgy method and how it works for them.



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17 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #28

  1. What a good word, I call this process the compost heap 🙂
    I’ve been writing off and on for over ten years (nothing finished or published) and during the summer of 2013 over six weeks I wrote the first draft of a novel. Then I found out I had no way to actually get it off of the computer I was using. I was more than a bit annoyed 🙂 I stopped writing altogether.
    Then last November I did a short course on writing, I started keeping a journal, started writing another novel and suddenly the first one popped back into my head, with a few plot and character issues all worked out. My fab boyfriend managed to get the original off the old PC and now I’m flipping between the two books (as well as writing other stuff in between)
    I am a great believer in just stepping back from a problem whether it’s to do with writing or anything else, it’s something I learnt in an art class – every now and again you need to turn your back on the picture, walk away, look at other things for a while, think about something else. Then you can turn around and you’ll see things differently, see where the picture is right or wrong.
    We get caught up in the fine details, get bogged down worrying about them and that stops the flow, blocks creativity and then we just throw it all across the room, swearing. If we can try and forget about it for a while and do something else the subconscious will keep plugging away at it and generally, for me anyway, sort it out.
    Good luck. x

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  3. It’s kinda like making a good saurkraut, right? 😉 lol
    This is a great word, and as you know, I’ve been here too many times myself, My longest stretch lasted 5 years, where I didn’t write a word. But I came out of it stronger. Whether or not you’re putting down words, they’re in there, taking on their own life, waiting for us to get off our asses 😉

    Here’s my contribution this week!

  4. For me it’s been about a year in which I stepped away from a character I loved and haven’t touched her story. I am bad at planning but I need to work on her. Hopefully coming back to her after this long will give me fresh eyes.

  5. Great word and an apt description of that hiatus that comes over us all from time to time. I had a gap of around six months in the midst of writing my YA novel, where I was so disilliusioned I couldn’t touch the thing. Eventually, I just grew irritated with myself for not finishing what I started and now it’s done- pretty much.
    I have several novel idea undergoing the Compost process – one’s I keep adding notes to, tweaking, adding new story lines and twists. I hope to write them all one day and think they may be better for having waited so long to come to light.
    I’ve been away a few days, so here’s my late contribution. I’ll be back 🙂

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