Word for Wednesday (W4W) #30


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This week’s word is…



I stumbled upon this word recently and knew it had to feature in W4W!

I spend most of my time in a state of twitterpation. I am always falling head over heels in love with new people I meet. It doesn’t have to be in a romantic or sexual way; I fall for the person, their personality, their humour, their intellect.

I can’t help it… I meet a new person that intrigues me, fascinates me and stimulates my imagination and I am overcome with a new crush… smitten!

Sometimes these new friends stay and become a fixture in my life, (looking at you Felicity!). Other times, I enjoy an intense period of getting to know them, learning about them and their lives, until the relationship burns itself out and we move on and lose touch. It’s sad at times, but I am always glad to have met the person and made that connection, however long it lasts. I think we have different people in our lives at different times for different reasons.

I am sure I will meet another new pal soon and become smitten by their own unique qualities. It might be the start of a long friendship or it might be a flash in the pan, but either way we will have fun, enjoy each other and learn about each other.

I wonder if a new reader is reading this now and will you be my next crush?

Here’s to being twitterpated!



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17 thoughts on “Word for Wednesday (W4W) #30

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  2. A great word, though it feels like a long time since I was twitterpated. πŸ™‚
    I love your attitude to friendship. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and enjoy these things for what they are – moments that make life sweeter while they last. Lovely – thanks for sharing.
    I couldn’t choose just one word today – so I chose an infinite number of weird fictional names. There is joy to be had πŸ™‚

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